I will elaborate more on this game at a later date. 


However the basic setting is in the world of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files around the time of Blood Rites (Book 6).


We are using the The Dresden Files Role Playing Game System. For those that know what it means we are currently at the "Up to Your Waist" Power Level (7 Refresh, 25 Skill Points, Skill Cap Great). We have recently gone up to 8 Refresh but not everybody has the Skill Points appropriate to that Power Level yet so I have not changed this entry to the Next Power Level.

For those confused by all of that, it means that the game is effectively around the Middle Power Level (Approximately level 7-10 if you use Dungeons and Dragons as a frame of reference)

Currently we meet at the Jungle Jakes Hobby Store in Hinesville Ga Wednesday nights around 6-8:30 pm. 

We  currently have a GM and two consistent players with a sporadic 3rd and potential 4th. However we could use another Consistent Player and may be able to support two more consistent players if they work together to develop a story and some connection to each other so that plot does not have to be developed for two individuals.


Anybody interested in playing is welcome to drop by and spectate or message me here with questions. However be advised the location does have a $5 Per Game Table Fee after the first game for any particular individual.


Their is a lot going on in the background of the world but how much is known would depend on the Character Concept.

Mysteries of the Metropolis