Mysteries of the Metropolis

Curiosity Killed the Agent
Deadly Puzzle

For something from a monthly puzzle crate, it was a bit more challenging than you would expect, but after an hour or so the last of the pieces slipped into place with a satisfying click. Then as the lid slid open there was a hiss and a cloud of white powder, a thin cloud about one foot in radius erupting from the opening. I coughed and blinked, stunned for a moment before the reality of the situation sunk in. Immediately hit the contact on his phone to the number that went directly to Director Godfrey’s office, though given the hour there was a chance that it would redirect back to Raven at the front. The first thing was to remove the chance of it spreading, shutting off the air and closing the vents in the immediate area.

The phone was still ringing as I ran through the possibilities in my head; Anthrax, Small Pox, Plague, any number of things. At the very least I was able to rule out Three Eye since my sight was still closed. Removing the clothes, I folded them and put them in a sealed bag, still waiting for an answer. When there was finally an answer I explained what had occurred, procedure would dictate that they would then contact the local fire & rescue that would evacuate the floor, and a team suited up either from the office or local forces would collect the box, my clothes, and myself. The box would be tested to identify the substance and investigate where it had come from. My clothes, including my last pair of gloves and nice shoes, would be incinerated. As for me, I got to go to isolation and quarantine to be observed and poked at as they figure out just how back this trip to the hospital would be. At I had a go bag ready in the closet that they would be able to grab and bring to me.

Staying on the phone, the next step was to shower as I waited for the response team, having already stepped under scalding hot water as I explained everything to the office. By the time that they arrived, I’d scrubbed every inch of my body twice and managed to grab a pair of sweatpants and flip flops from my room.

Circling the Wagons

Things are starting to come together. We've burned one of the aliases of Lord Zarkov, we have a sword in the works to get through the wards at Lawrence's house and potential candidate for the scabbard.  I also got to spend most of the day focusing on recovering in the burn ward with only a few unexpected visitors. Though when the nurse tells you that your guest flew in through the fifth story window, it narrows down the possibilities of who it is. Lady Alexandria now knows the truth of who and what she is though, a truth that she took a little harshly from gauging her reaction and throwing the bible out of the window. I'll probably lose a few points with the father over that one. But even Mifune managed to stop by, though none of them even thought to bring me any flowers or anything to brighten the room.

Which might have been a good thing since I wasn't staying very long. Indurell apparently heard about the events and came to pay me a visit as well, offering me the use of their baths to help aid with my recovery. A nice soak for about an hour only leads to being attacked by three imps, which were rather handsy. But it did provide me with the chance to collect Kozi and get him back into the fold of what was going on outside the walls of Valinhall and ask if he would be prepared to join us on our little intervention with Lawrence.

Apparently, the Lady, Wizard, and Knight decided to spend this time in finding trouble as only the three of them can. The details were sparse from them, Alexandria claiming to have slipped and fallen on a tree, but from I gathered there were five men and a strange enchanted gun. As luck would have it though they found our Shadowy Samurai, out from rehab a few days sooner than expected. So naturally, we had to have a drink at the usual place in the usual room. Kromwell invited another guest with an imperial seal who I hadn't met before, but the fancy paperweight was enough to get our feuding feudal fighters to at least tolerate one another.

We managed to get to everyone on the same page, Wednesday morning it will be a group effort to remove the threat that Lawrence and his guest proposes to the city. Which given that it's the early hours of Monday, give me a day to prepare and unwind.

Luckily I can kill an hour or two with a new puzzle thanks to Doyle down at evidence. Odd that he didn't give me a heads up, but given that I haven't gotten to deal with the puzzle box from yesterday yet, this will be a good substitute.

While the last piece slid into place it was rewarding, the prize inside though alarming. Before I could hear the hiss the powder was dispersed. We may have found Zarkov, but it seemed that he found me as well.

Best Laid Plans
Up in Flames

The reason why I say there can't be a grand scheme behind everything is that even the simplest of plans can't seem to go anything like what you prepare for. No matter what preparation you make, or how many scenarios you run through your head, there is going to be something to throw a wrench into the works.

Kromwell and I set up the plan. Felicity called, the ruse and the script worked, so the meeting was set for Sunday at Nine in the morning. Giving us a little more than a day to prepare for the plan. Luckily she picked the finest which gave us an advantage with the help of Shamus and the owner of the bar; who luckily is among those who have been clued in. It was supposed to be simple, she comes in to collect her prize, we detain her on charges of arms trafficking. While in custody we take the box, simple and clean.

With Mifune on the mend at Sarge's and Kozi still somewhere in Valinhall, hopefully alive, everything fell on me and the wizard to prepare. We were able to get the operation cleared by the owner of the bar and ensure that most of the usual crowd for that time would be sparse to ensure that no one was caught up unnecessarily. He was helpful in pushing the warrants through on charges of arms trafficking and accessory to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The hours before were a bit busy as we went our separate ways to ensure that everything that needed to get done was accomplished. Kromwell went to Frank to be the face of the operation, who also provided us with the fake check and a sign to make everything appear to be legitimate.  In the meantime, I managed to acquire a van from Monoc's resources and arrange for a strike team to back us up in the event of the worst occurring. We knew taking her down wouldn't be easy, but it wasn't the goal. So long as we were able to get the box that alias would be unavailable for Zarkov to use, as well as all of those that relied on the puzzle box.

At first, the plan seemed to be working well. Arriving far before Zarkov we set everyone in place, I waited in the van, Kromwell in the kitchen in case she tried to go out the back, and Frank inside to present the award. Felicity, Zarkov's third alias, arrived in a Limo that had been thoroughly cleansed to claim the prize. Things inside must have gone well, though while I waited I received a text from a contact at East Gate Hospital about an attack, a teenager that had been attacked by something and rambling about powers. Time was short, given a little more, I might have made the connection.

However, before I could analyze it further or ask for further details the doors to the back of the van opened and Felicity was staring at the end of my revolver. And that is when the plan went up in flames, literally. Barely able to take cover behind one of the seats the searing heat burst out in all directions as she was surrounded. It actually hurt a bit more than the explosion from a few day's prior and left me pretty burned. The strike team tended to the cops and the others injured by the blast, while Kromwell returned fire.

The exchange was quick, the blast from Kromwell knocking her back with flames and then a shot from the revolver with blessed silver was enough to reveal the demon beneath the mask. Felicity was no longer viable and without another of the items to focus on Zarkov began to revert to his true form. Abandoning the box to buy himself enough time to escape and fly off while the team dealt with the local police and Kromwell recovered the box.

Now hopefully I get a day of R&R at the burn ward, getting to see my favorite nurse and find out that the kid attacked was a pyromancer from the Forth Way Station. Luckily the stop was on the way to the burn ward. And for once I'm not the one having the fill out the paperwork. The wizard got to have the privilege as he turned the box in to Crow and filled out the report.

All in all, a painful but productive Sunday. One alias burned, at least two more to go. Though I pretty sure it's time to turn our attention back to Lawrence, things have been too quiet on that front lately.

A Frank Discussion
The Scribe and the Demon

Friday has always been a good day, though not because the weekends mean time off or anything like that. It’s just a good to find the results of a hard weeks work and to hit up those who have had their ear to the ground for me. Right now we seem to be int eh calm before the storm, the water is still a bit rough but compared to the previous week it’s been a lot less hazardous for our health. Kromwell managed to barter for a key to Laurence’s house from a former associate, at a pretty penny for a leased sword. So now that we have the way in we just have to finish waiting for the pieces to come together, meaning that I’ve had time to work on a few things that have been on the back burners.

Mifune was pretty helpful by sharing some information from his bosses about our Lady of Death. Good to know that demons have as many enemies as they do identities. To think that the one that let him out of his cage is the same mortal that is reincarnated to hunt him; if that’s really part of some grand plan it needs a re-write. The best news, however, came from following a lead to the North, where a few flames seemed to be simmering without anything dampening them. The same area where Raven informed me there was a ‘special’ kind of limo company. To think that the third face for a demon general would moonlight as a limo driver and escort, anything for power and influence I guess. The information came from a familiar face to Kromwell, a scribe of God that he happened to have a talk with at Under the Hill; Frank is not the name you would expect for someone with such a title either. Despite the name, his ability is rather helpful for seeing things as they really are without having it burned into your subconscious.

As for why an art studio was located across from a limo rental is a question that ranks pretty low when it comes to this city. But why a scribe has a studio at the top of the building that just happens to overlook that same limo company does make me a little curious. The room full of replica and forged masterpieces at least explains the means for affording the rather luxurious items that he has. The desk, while well used, is certainly something that is priceless for the magic that’s been stumbled across with it. An original workstation for a monk translating the Gutenberg Bible itself. Though it was used for a lot more than just translation from what I saw, who knew there was a reason there’s no commandment of ‘though shall not lie’ or edict against forging passports.

After a Frank discussion about what we looking for though, it seems that I’ve picked up a new informant. We found that the name tied to Zarkov in this business was Felicity. And that Felicity is a girl of many faces, 14 other identities to be exact. Luckily we know that those 14 are tied to a wonderful little puzzle that she has to carry around with her. The previous property of a Monkey King, the puzzle box permits her to take the identity of those who she has a piece of to put into. And that the reason the police occasionally turn a blind isn’t purely incompetence but her working. If we’re able to get it, the box will be a nice addition to the collection, but will certainly help to reduce the footwork on tracking Zarkov down while we prepare to trap him. Which will come sometime after our visit with Lawrence.

Tracking her down set me back $100, but the good news is she’s the winner of the Monoc Publishing House Sweepstakes. Hopefully, the big check and notice will be enough that greed overcomes common sense and Felicity comes in to claim her prize.

If she does, I have a nice new gift that arrived just this morning, 18 rounds of blessed silver and a bit of light reading from Qrow. ‘How I saved a king, become a red-court wizard, and more: A biography of Baron Whitesand’. Kromwell might have a stack of books through the sight, but I’m willing to bet there must be a mountain where I walk.

‘Thank you for calling Publishers Clearing House this is Thomas, how may I help you?”

You know usually when you give a girl your number, she at least has your name. Guess I should hammer out the rest of the script too.

I Still Have Family?
Oh, By the Way, Your Brother is Alive


Sunday, September 10th, 3080

          On the way back to school Sarah was stopped by Luccio and questioned about how she left the school.  Sarah said that she needed to put Kiran in her room first, before anything else happened.  Sarah took Kiran to her room and put her on her bed, and tried to leave her bag with her but Luccio took it.  Sarah grumbled but continued on.  She started to be questioned by Luccio but she wasn't giving any answers so Luccio asked her if she wanted to do it the hard way and Sarah said "I guess."  

          The guidance counselor was called into the room and she looked at into her memories.  She saw everything that had happened and ignored the effects of diamond.  When she was done she handed Sarah her backpack and Sarah checked for the mask, it wasn't there so she threw her bag against the wall and headed out the office.  Sarah texted Kiran and told her that she might be doing something and wouldn't be allowed back in school.  She knew that the mask was in containment and so she was going to get it back.  Sarah found out where containment was.  She snuck to it, tried to unlock the door but after that didn't work she kicked down the door and went into the containment room.  There were a lot of items there and she looked at them, but in the end was only interested in the mask they had taken from her.  After punching through the glass and grabbing the item, she was sprayed with orange paint.  She went and put on a jacket and then left the school.

          When Kiran woke up she talked to Matt for a couple of minutes then she asked where Sarah was and when Matt pulled out his phone, he showed her the text from Sarah.  Kiran got a little nervous and decided to go to Luccio.  The captain was looking into a crystal ball and eyeing Sarah.  Kiran offered to go get her and found out that they were going to give the mask to Monarch.  So the Kiran went to the desert of Arizona and created a summoning circle and summoned Sarah.  Kiran told Sarah that it would be best if she went back to the school with her so she wouldn't get in as much trouble with the school.  She managed to talk Sarah into doing it by using Connor.

          The two girls went to Monarch and they asked to speak to Tarrence.  Apparently Tarrence was in the middle of a conference and so the two girls waited out in the lobby.  At some point the mask started to talk to Kiran, that was when a tall lady came out of Tarrence's office and asked them what they had.  Kiran showed her the mask and she said "again?"  Kiran said that the mage from Mischief Managers Inc. was able to get away with the belt and that she would look into it.  Sarah told the lady that she had killed the person who had it.  After that the lady gave Sarah a card to join Odin's army and then went back to talk to Tarrence.  Then Tarrence came out and thanked the two.  At some point before the clerk said that the two girls acted like married couple and Sarah brought it up alluding to how the girls were acting towards each other in the moment.  Tarrence scolded the clerk but it was in a fun way.

          After leaving the office the two went back to the school and went to Luccio's office.  Luccio was going to give her alternative punishment which turned out to be a diet and a twenty page paper.  Kiran and Sarah went their separate ways and Sarah ended up going to eat with Listens to Wind, because he was her listed guardian, and then went to spend time with Conor.  Kiran decided to go to the bar to talk to, and apologize, to Jesus.  When she got there Jesus was waiting for her and she went over to his table.  She asked if he would forgive her and someone laughed a little bit.  The two talked about metaphysical and religious questions, the biggest one is that does everyone deserve redemption.  Jesus told her that everyone did.  After Jesus left, and paid for everyone to have fish and chips, Kiran went to Paul and asked him what Shameis liked, and he gave her a couple examples.  Then Kiran to check out Hide Park and see this rumor about her aunt being there.  When Kiran made it to the park, she looked around and saw ghost children walking around and a woman called out to her from a tree house. 

          The two began to talk and she found out a lot of things about Cody, especially when her aunt opened a false page in her brother's note book.  She had also found out that her family originated in Ireland and her great-great- times a lot, grandfather, Eliphon was a knight for Brea and helped her claimed the land she had.  When she read the letter, a part of her hurt.  Cody had found out about some of the things she had done, and what Persey had done to her.  Then her aunt told her that it was time that she had moved on.  Kiran took a piece of paper and started to write reasons why she deserved redemption and then reason why she didn't.  The pros out weighted the cons, so she agreed it was time for her to move on and learn to deal with her problems.  She took a bath in the pond in the park with a hard brush which hurt her bruises from before.  When she was done Shameis had come and then Sarah and Conor appeared in the park as well.

          After talking for a bit, Kiran told the group about her past with Persey and Shameis asked her why didn't she tell him or the cops and she said she didn't have enough time or the right space to do so and that she wouldn't go to the cops for that.  He understood.  Shortly after that, Sarah broke the news to Kiran that the Winter Knight was in fact her brother.  Kiran was dumbfound and Shameis pulled her onto his lap to try and talk with her.  Sarah was trying to embarrass Kiran and Shameis looked to Connor and he stepped in on that part.  Sarah said get away from me to Connor at one point and then he left, and Kiran's aunt to her to look up the meaning of things from his time period.  Shames went with Kiran, magically to St. Matthew's Church and the two spent time there.  After about two hours, the two teleported back to Hide Park and they went their separate ways.

          When Connor left Sarah, Sarah decided that she was going to find him no matter what.  When she did, he was at the place of their first date, the Italian restaurant in Paris.  The two discussed what had happened and they acknowledged that their was a difference in sayings and attitudes from their time since Connor was born in the 1600s.  They both agreed to learn about the opposing cultures and time periods.  After they came to that agreement, they went and ate at the Italian restaurant before Sarah's time period was up and she had to start the diet.

          When Kiran got back to school she went and created a circle to summon Puck.  She asked him what Sarah and her were to each other and Puck said he couldn't tell that because it would be messing with Fate.  So then Kiran went to Rufus who was able to give her a large list of Celtic folklore to look up to see if she could find out more about her family and their relationship with Brea and Puck.  After getting a list of the folklore, Kiran went to the library and saw that Hagatha was not on duty, and then it hit her, that Hagatha was being controlled by the mind controller so she needed to get whatever evil artifact she had away from her.  However, Hagatha wasn't working tonight, in fact, she had the night off.   Kiran contacted Charlie and asked him for his help.  Kiran was waiting outside of Hagatha's office when he came and she was about to break in, and he suggested something else.  He asked Florance for the key and he said that he would only be looking around for clues, and somehow it charmed Florance into giving them her key.  In the room, they looked around for some information and they found a safe.  After trying to do some of her burglary stuff from the past and using divination to get the code, they opened up the safe and inside was a pen and paper.  The two were able to detect that the pen had evil aura about it.  Once again, Kiran asked Charlie what they should do and he told her that she should close up the safe, hide the dust, give the key back to Florance, and go see captain Luccio.  Kiran agreed to it.  When they went to see Luccio they told her about what had happened and what Kiran knew and she said she'd look into it.  Kiran went to her room and studied the folklore before she fell asleep.

          When Sarah got back from Paris, she went to the library and asked for books on the mannerisms of the 1600s.  Florance gave her titles to three books, and Sarah went and found them.  She took those books and studied them before falling asleep.



          The next morning came and Sarah and Kiran went to Valin Hall to pick up one of the dolls in Sarah's room.  When they got there, the group was talking and then after a bit, the Nye attacked.  Sarah dodged the incoming attack and since the Nye noticed a weakness on Kiran, attacked her there.  Kiran swiftly killed the Nye and Sarah finished quickly after.  When they were done Kiran went to study with Riki Maru in the dojo and he noticed that she was more sore than usual and he asked why.  Kiran was going to divert attention but then she explained it.  Kiran said that she was going to throat punch the next person who hit her on her butt, and so Riki Maru took her up on that offer.  The two got into a deep scuttle and Kiran landed a solid punch on Riki Maru before he was able to end the fight.  He told her three things to learn, never make a threat you cannot keep, don't get angry in a fight, and never tell your enemies where your weakness is.  Kiran pouted a little bit and was told to sit down so she did, and she contemplated what he had said.  He gave her a salve that would help her out for a while and then she went to go eat breakfast. 

          Sarah was coming back from reading in the boiler room and the two girls met at the table.  Kiran asked Sarah what kind of necklace locked when you gave it to her, and Sarah looked a little shocked then started to laugh.  Kiran was highly confused and when they asked why, she said Shameis was going to give one to her.  Kiran noticed that Henrietta had one as well, and Jesse said that was a discussion for another time and place.  Everyone then asked what had happened with the past couple of days and why she was acting so weird, she told them that there must have been another her, because Fate put her where she was needed most and that was saving Sarah from dying.  Kiran asked the group if she was to create a birthday for herself if anyone would come and they were all surprised, they didn't know her birthday was coming up.  Jesse told her it was customary to have friends plan it, and Kiran was confused, because she and Cody never had a birthday party, they just sat at home and watched movies and sparred.  Sarah asked what day it was and it was two days before her diet was up so she said she'd pass.  Kiran was about to accept it when someone pulled her to the side and said that a birthday party had a lot of food and a lot of sweet typically and so that would put her at risk for Sarah's diet requirement.  So it would be best if she planned it for the day after Sarah was going to be off her diet and Kiran agreed.  So she sat back at the table and said that there was going to be food there so she wanted to know what everyone liked so she could make it and again they said that wasn't customary.  She was told that people usually brought food or pizza was ordered, so Kiran said she'd order pizza and bring food.  Kiran added that she'd hopefully see her brother again on their birthday and the asked why because they thought Cody was dead.  She explained some of what had happened and they looked a little confused but they went with it.  The guy, whose name was Robert, Robbie to his friends, gave Sarah an orange before leaving and told her it was the sweetest thing they were allowed to have.

          First period came and Kiran went to gym and Sarah went to the boiler room to read.  Casca noticed that Kiran wasn't in as much pain as she should be and he pulled her aside to ask her.  She tried to plead the fifth so she caved in and told her that Riki Maru gave her a salve.  Casca warned her that it would fade eventually.

          When the two went to lunch they noticed a group of people about to bully Robbie and they went to handle it.  Their aura enough was able to scare most people away, except for one.  The guy said to Robbie you cannot protect yourself so your girlfriends are coming to save you.  Robbie said they weren't his girlfriends and Sarah went to hit him and he exploded and acidic gas got a part of Sarah's arm and he condensed into his regular self.  Kiran tried to calm the situation down with her words but Sarah threatened him and so he went to attack.  Robbie grabbed Kiran and made a hole in the floor so they wouldn't be affected and Sarah and the boy fought.  Acidic gas once again hit Sarah and now she was naked in the lunchroom in front of everyone.


The Death of Percy [3080]
Justice Has Been Served


Sunday, September 10th, 3080

          Sarah said she knew a quicker way out of the school and Kiran and the Winter Knight followed behind her as she started to lead them towards the circle that Malifina used to get her out one time previously.  Sarah got lost after a bit and Kiran got upset, but the Winter Knight was able to get them on track again and they found the circle.  Kiran analyzed it and saw that it required blood magic.  She, personally, didn't want to use her blood so Sarah stepped up and her use her's.  When they activated the circle, the group appeared on the desert floor.

          The Winter Knight summoned a horse and Sarah turned into a centaur.  Sarah asked Kiran who Persey was to her and, Kiran, told her that she used to be a rank higher than her in the gang she was in and that he was someone who had done her wrong.  After resting for a time being in the late hours of Sunday, the group went to the graveyard.  Kiran could tell that there was something wrong with it and there was a fog that had mind controlling properties to it.  The Winter Knight cast some armor on the two girls before entering and then they went in.  After they looked around for a bit, Kiran noticed, just in time, a sniper pointing a gun at her.  She was shot, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been if she didn't see him.  Sarah ended up killing the sniper, after almost being tripped by a skeleton hand.  They, however, were too late, he had pressed the button to warn others that they were coming.  Kiran was able to identify the group that was working with Persey, it was Mischief Managers Inc.  

          The group pressed on and started to go into a mausoleum and when they entered, they were attacked by two hidden guards on the ground.  The group dealt with them, and from her calculations, Kiran knew that there was one person missing from the team, since each team was compromised of four people.  The Winter Knight wrapped Kiran's wounds, and it felt familiar in an odd way.

          So the team traversed through the mausoleum  before they asked themselves why they were following the path when they could go above or break through a wall.  Sarah turned into a bird and flew up, telling Kiran to wait for a moment.  Sarah saw the last person and flew above him.  Kiran busted through the wall and before the guy could act Sarah turned into a whale and flopped on him, killing him.  Bravo team started calling to the team they just destroyed and so Sarah, knowing a lot of military stuff, changed her voice to one of the men's and said it was all clear.  Kiran used magic to see what the code word was and told Sarah.  So Bravo team was unsuspecting.

           The group saw where Bravo team was, because it was the only brightly lit place on the second floor downward.  The team looked at each other and the Winter Knight casted a spell and the group was able to go by the swiftly and quietly.  When they got to the third floor there was a door that was magically trapped.  Kiran dispelled the magic and the Winter Knight dispelled the trap.  They were deciding what to do when Kiran came up with an idea to use her as a decoy.  Kiran gave Sarah permission to beat her up a little bit and took the opportunity.  Sarah slammed Kiran against the wall and hit her.

          Bravo team heard stuff and the Winter Knight threw a spell at them and it took out the whole team out.  Sarah went to the ice area and took a tie and put it around her wrists.  Sarah turned into one of the guards and brought Kiran into the last room.  Persey was there and Kiran knew there were others but they had been veiled.  Kiran started yelling insults at Persey and he took it, after a few moments he whispered to someone and then he told Kiran that she had people working for her as well.  That was when Sarah transformed into her regular self and Kiran broke the strap hold her arms together.  She sent her first punch to Persey and he took it.  Persey saw that she was wounded from the punishment from school and he took the opportunity.  When he hit her there, and as hard as he could, she had a mental attack from the past.  He mocked and threatened her, saying to just wait until after the fight.  Sarah and the Winter Knight were attacking the mages, and they took out three of them.  Kiran was going to kill Persey, something the Winter Knight didn't want her to do, but Sarah killed him first.  Kiran just made sure he was dead, for thirty minutes.  Halfway through attacking his dead body, she started to cry and at some point she ended up passing out.

          Before making sure Persey was dead, Kiran stopped the last mage from taking both the artifacts that Persey had, but he managed to get away with the belt.  The Winter Knight took Persey's body and before he left, told Sarah to take Kiran back home and make sure she is safe.  He told Sarah that he would like to see her again when he was done with his job.  Sarah started back to the school with Kiran.


To be continued …


A Chain of Events [3080]
So, What Happened to You?


Saturday, September 9th, 3080

          Kiran made it back from Edenfield just in time to make it to her Advanced Evocation class early in the hours of Saturday morning.  Class went normally, but Lassiter commented on Kiran's newfound abilities thanks to Valin Hall, since he could see the chain on her arm.  After class, Kiran trudged slowly and quietly to her dorm room.  When she opened the door, she looked around and no one was there.  She thought she could make it back to her room and could hide from Matt.  Kiran crept through the apartment and then she remembered that she wanted to make a board for Persey, and started to back up and then a rooster crowed.  She turned around and it was Puck, Matt came out of his room to see what was going on and saw Kiran.

          Puck wanted to know where his daughter was and so Kiran explained that she was in Valin Hall, undergoing training that Kiran had set her up for so she could get better.  Kiran received the threat from Puck that if his daughter was dead, she would be too.  So that made her feel so comfortable (especially with how much Sarah had been failing the tests, but she didn't say that).  Then Matt wanted to know what had been going on.  "She" had been acting weird for the past couple of days.  Kiran told him that she was being helped by her friend Merci who put someone in the school for her, because when she met up with her she asked her to be put where she was needed and she went to Valin Hall, after that she hadn't been able to get out before recently.

          Matt asked her if she knew what was happening around the school and he started to talk about the mind controller and then Kiran thought of Niflheim, and said she'd be back.  Matt said he would cook the steaks to medium and she should be back by then or he'd come looking for her.  Using her sight, Kiran focused on the chain and followed it to Niflheim, who was in a training room of the school.  Kiran looked at him, took a deep breath and walked over to a wall.  She apologized to him and he asked for what.  She told him that she thought he was working for the mind controller on his own with an agenda of his own, but she had found out that not only was in submission of the mind controller, but his evil artifact sword.  She asked him if he had diamond, because he should use it if he did.

          Before she knew it, Niflheim was attacking her with his sword, and she just barely dodged the heat of his first attack.  So she knew that she would have to fight him to get him back in control.  She called on a lot of power of the House, and started to fight him.  At one point she used the power of the ley line, and tried to get his sword from him so she could better fight him.  Instead of the sword flying from his hand, Charlie appeared and walled Niflheim.  Kiran tried to use diamond on Niflheim, then Bill came in and did something that calmed everyone, in reaction to that Niflheim used diamond and he dropped the sword, and Charlie kicked the sword away.

          When Niflheim was able to get back to his senses, he looked around and said that he needed to go to the room of reflection.  Kiran asked if she could go with him, she was trying to avoid Matt.  Niflheim agreed and the two went to Valin Hall.  There was a feast starting, because Sarah was going to take the trial of the Dragon Army, so Kiran ate and watched the traveler and Niflheim train Sarah a little bit before her excursion, then she did an eight hour vigil.  Kiran told her the story of why Niflheim was here and how she helped, and before entering the cave, Sarah said something to Kiran and almost got disqualified, but the others ignored it.  Then she proceeded into the cave.  Niflheim had to go to the room of reflection and Kiran apologized to Niflheim for how rude she had been to him, and he said he wouldn't hold it against her.


Sunday, September 10th, 3080

          (Sarah's Visit to the Cave)  After Kiran left she decided to go back to her dorm room.  She went ever so slowly and when she got back Matt was waiting there for her.  He asked her where she had been and she told him that she was in Valin's Hall after helping Niflheim.  He then asked her why she didn't send him a message (it had been about four and a half hours).  Kiran said that she couldn't send messages from Valin's Hall, but then, apparently, she found out that she could.  Matt was really angry at her and Kiran could see it.  He turned away and left the living room, heated.  Kiran felt regret and guilt.  Matt was one of the closest people to her and she had made him mad.  Kiran went to go into the kitchen to get something to eat but there was a lock on the kitchen door and a note that said 'I made food, you didn't come so you don't eat.'  Kiran felt even worse.  It was morning time and she was considering going to the arcade, but the two had been given the weekend off.  So, instead she decided to go to the Monarch Security Office.  She was going to present them with the information she had about Percy and the artifacts.

          When she got to the office, she asked if she could speak to Tarrence with information on the artifacts case.  Tarrence was at lunch when she arrived, but after talking a bit to the clerk.  The clerk asked her what she was planning on doing after she graduated from Lore Crest.  Kiran said she was going to go back for the college classes.  The lady then handed her paperwork, she said if she had been helping this much in the case that she would probably do really well here.  The paperwork was for an internship at Monarch, because, apparently, the college courses required some form of internship.  Kiran started to fill out the forms but when she saw aliases she tried to skip that section, she didn't really want to reveal that she had been apart of a gang before.  When she tried to turn in the paperwork the clerk caught that and told her that she needed to fill the entire thing out and gave her a lecture that Kiran took.  As that ended Tarrence called Kiran to his office and she started to inform him that Percy previously had the artifacts before they were placed in the museum.  Tarrence already knew that but then Kiran informed him that the Church Mice were the ones that took the artifact from the museum and that Percy was the one most likely behind it.  At one time he had the artifacts and were trying to take over the Black Jackals.  Tarrence wanted to know how she knew this and at first she was hesitant, but then she told him that she had been apart of the gang, third in rank.  That was one of the reasons why she didn't want to fill out the alias' part of the paper, she didn't want to be denied for her history.  Tarrence informed her that they didn't look at someone's history, rather their capability.  When she finished talking to him, she filled out the paperwork completely this time and turned it into the clerk.

          After dealing with Monarch, Kiran was in the mood to try and find more information out about Percy, so the best place to go was The Drink.  When she got there, she ordered a drink and noticed someone out the corner of her eye.  She went and sat across from Lassiter and started to ask questions relating to Lawrence.  It turns out that he was, in fact, Lawrence but due to conditions beyond his control, did things in the past.  The Advisory had him in his grips and the Red Court had turned him.  Kiran felt like, in a way, they were the same.  Both of them had, had a metaphorical death, they turned anew.  She couldn't hold anything against him, because she wouldn't want anyone holding something against her.  The two had been veiled and before it ended, Lassiter used his magic and they were in the river.  The two swam to the other side.  When they got to land, Kiran followed Lassiter.  She had been wearing a white shirt and her black bra was showing through and Lassiter was soaked as well.  He lead her to his car, which at first looked like a beat up Ford, but turned out to be a custom Benz.  They had talked about how Kiran hoped that Shames wouldn't get mad at her because of this and Lassiter said that it was good for her to think of her boyfriend.  She started to blush, she said the two weren't dating, he told her with how she was acting, they were.  He opened his trunk, which had over prepared written on it and he started to change in front of her.  Kiran spun around and tried to hide her flushed face, though she couldn't help but peak.  Redheads were her weakness.  The two were wondering where to go and they decided on going to Sam's Salami, a new sandwich place in town.  Kiran asked if she could drive, and to her surprise, Lassiter said yes.  Kiran drove the two, carefully, to the restaurant and before they went in, she asked if she had a change of clothes because she didn't want to be stared at.  He said he had some in the back but they were men's clothing.  She said that wasn't a problem and she dressed into the clothes in the back seat, which was a little awkward.  Kiran made it to where she was visible as a girl but was wearing men's clothes.  Before they went in, Lassiter gave her a watch to wear with it, which was a massively enchanted item.  The restaurant was a lot fancier than she had imagined, and it turned out that Lassiter owned the place.  The host moved out of the way and they went to Lassiter's private table.  As they ate, Lassiter talked to a few people and it reminded Kiran of her gang days because it was basically letting people know he was there.  At the end of the meal Kiran felt around for her wallet and she couldn't find it.  She excused herself to the car to go get her wallet.

          As she went to walk in, an armored vehicle pulled up and a Monarch security team got out, followed by Shames.  Kiran was shocked, she had been with Lassiter and now Shames showed up.  She didn't want him to be mad at her, plus she was wearing another man's clothes.  Shames asked her what she was doing here and why was she in those clothes.  She told him that she was at The Drink and she was talking to Lassiter and then they ended up in the river and then they came here.  The security team was getting a little nervous about him being in the open so they went into the restaurant.  Kiran was a guest of Lassiter but she didn't want to pick him over Shames so she didn't know what to do.  The host told her to sit, directed the team to their reserved room and went to talk to Lassiter. 

          After a few moments, Lassiter came with the host, and they lead Kiran to the back room.  The inside was set up tactically and Kiran went to sit next to Shames but one of the guards were there so she was going to sit in an available seat when Lassiter said that they were his guests and nothing would happen to them, so they moved and Kiran sat next to Shames.  Shames started to ask questions and he wondered why she was going to get her wallet, and Kiran said you had to pay for the meal.  Lassiter said he let her do that because he didn't want to have anything suspected between the two of him.  Kiran asked what he meant and found out that if a guy pays for you then you are suspected to be a couple, which confused her.  Then Shames asked why they were at The Drink and Lassiter said he was there for reasons he would not reveal but then told him the story of how they ended up there.  Then Shames asked why she was there and she told him that she was looking for more information on Percy, a little nervous because she was being reckless.  The two men proceeded to make Kiran blush out of embarrassment and at one point she was hiding her face.  When their time was over and Kiran was about to leave, she was going to ask Shames where they actually were on the scheme of things, but she decided not to.  He instead, hugged her, and told her.

          Lassiter said that he would get Kiran back to school safely and Kiran thought he meant with magic, but apparently Lassiter's car was a hover car, something she didn't realize when she looked at it.  After much excitement, she said her goodbyes and slowly walked to her room thinking of what she wanted to say.  When she got there Matt was sitting on the couch reading a book and Kiran sat beside him and apologized, he accepted.  She then told him that she probably needed help and then proceeded to explain everything that had happened to her and what she remembered.  Matt listened closely and carefully and asked questions when he felt it was necessary.  After they were done, Kiran said that she might need to talk to the counselor and Matt agreed.  She nodded and told him that he had to go with her, he was okay with that.  She, surprising him, she took him there immediately and they headed to her office.  Kiran crawled into her office, Matt held the door for her and so she couldn't run away.  She sat next to/on him on the couch when she started talking and she, once more, told her story.  When it was done, she was informed that she could take her punishment now in order to avoid expulsion from the school, so she did, which was corporal punishment boarding school style.

          When she was finished taking her punishment, she started to walk back to her room, sulking a little bit.  Then she saw Sarah who, she had found out, had gotten her sword.  She went with her to Sarah's room to talk a little more about it and why Kiran was in pain.  When Sarah told Kiran that she had dolls and they talked to her in her mind, Kiran busted out laughing and wasn't able to control herself until she heard Varuna speak in her mind.  After a few minutes of conversation she received a text from Lassiter.  He told Kiran that he felt bad for earlier and as an apology he had asked his contacts if they knew where Percy was and they said he was in the graveyard outside town.  Kiran jumped up and told Sarah to come with her because they were dealing with a problem, and she didn't even change out of her pajamas.  Sarah was about to push her off the edge when Kiran used Nye speed to dodge that but her body froze, she needed to grab the item that the Fae had given her for the debt she owed from her room, per the contract.  After rushing to her room, she opened up her safe that her doubleganger bought for her and took the odd item and burned it.  A Winter Knight appeared before her in all armor and Kiran jumped in front of Sarah to protect her, but he waved towards the door and she found herself walking out the room.


To be Continued …

Traversing the Halls [3080]
It Tried to Kill Me!?! Yeah, That's Normal.


Just a note, there are a couple sessions in this post.


Thursday, September 7th, 3080

          After eating at a pizza place in the Metropolis, Conor bid Sarah adieu and Sarah headed, begrudgingly back to the school (she wanted to spend time with Conor).  During first block she went back to Caska and asked him if he'd open the gate to Valin Hall again.  He told her that she had to spend the day in classes and prepare herself for being in there.  Sarah trudged through the day, hoping that it would end sooner rather than later.  When the final bell rang she was in the gym quicker than the speed of light.  Caska once again asked her if she was ready and she said yes.  Caska summoned his Dragon Fang and cut a portal to Valin Hall for Sarah.  Sarah readily stepped through and started walking.  A Nye came to attack her, and after struggling for a moment, she turned into a bird and started to fly towards the courtyard and saw Chaka, thinking that he'd help her Sarah went to land on him.  Chaka woke up surprised and killed Sarah.

          Time reset itself to just before Sarah was going to land on Chaka, and Kiran appeared.  She yelled stop to Sarah and punched the Nye, in which it disappeared afterwards.  Chaka woke up, this time he wasn't startled away and he looked to see what was going on.  Sarah was hurting a bit and so she started heading towards the hot tub room and Kiran followed.  Kiran asked Sarah how to get out of this place because she had some things she needed to do at Lore Crest.  Another person joined them in the bath room, he went into the hot tub, and Kiran was still trying to get out and away.  She asked the traveler if he knew how to get back and he told her that he did.  Sarah said that she was going to release Kiran of the promise she made to Puck, and that and after a few insults, told Kiran that she would be disappointing her brother.  Kiran went silent as Sarah walked away and then she attacked her for saying that.  The two were going to get into a fight but then the other guy threw two daggers and when the two looked where it hit, there was two Nye coming for them because they were distracted.

          The man left the bath, Sarah went back in to heal from the wounds she had just recieved, and Kiran followed the man.  Kiran asked the guy if he could get her out of here, and he said he could but he wouldn't.  He gave her advice and told her about the house and how to prepare for Benson.  He told her that she could get speed from the Nye that would prove useful against Benson, but you had to make a deal with the Nye.  Kiran went to the entrance hall, found the rug that he talked about and pulled it up.  She told the air that she wanted to make a deal.  From behind her a Nye appeared and dragged her down.  This Nye was stronger than the others and was known as Eldest.  Kiran told him that she wanted Nye speed, and he asked her why would he do that when he could kill her and have her work for the house.  Kiran told him that she wasn't powerful enough to be of use to the house.  She told him that she could craft something for them.  After that he took her, dragging her by the chain around her neck, to the workshop where he handed her a mask and a block of silver metal.  She was told to make something that benefited the house.  So after looking into some spells and other things, she made it where the mask saw connections between areas.

          Sarah challenged the graveyard guardian again and lost, the two girls glared at each other in passing.  Kiran was hungry and was going to the tree with Chaka and Sarah was going to the healing tub.  Kiran fought Chaka and ate, then practiced with him a bit.  She asked if she could try to beat him with distinction, and Chaka told her she could try.  After a little bit of fighting Kiran won distinction and started to head to where Benson was, and when she got there, Sarah was there too.  Kiran watched Sarah fight and she wasn't able to make it through the first round.  So after passing out, Kiran took Sarah by the ankle, and dragged her to the healing tub, letting her head hit whatever along the way.

          Kiran dropped Sarah off and went to fight Benson herself.  She walked in and told Benson that she wanted to get distinction, and he told her that required her not to use her magic, except for calling a weapon or bringing armor.  So Kiran went to study armor a little bit in the library (and a little bit of warfare).  Sarah, in that time, had made friends with the alligator that came up in the tub after being there for a while.  She turned into an alligator and followed him to the bottom of the tub, and into the Never Never.

          Kiran went to fight Benson after calling on a powerful armor set.  She made it through the first round quickly, then at a moderate pace after that.  She was being badgered by insults from Benson and his minions, and it started to piss her off so she started to make minor mistakes.  After a bit of fighting Benson told his minions that he was tired of waiting and they all backed away.  He took the first hit and it injured Kiran really badly.  She surrendered but Benson still came at her.  Benson almost finished her off, but then she called deeply on the power of the house, and attacked Benson with incomparable speed, which hurt him badly and shattered Kiran's wrist.  Benson acknowledged her triumph and gave her his steel, but Kiran was more concerned about getting to the bath to heal herself from the overwhelming battle.

          Sarah was in the ocean of the Never Never and was following the alligator, and at some point he stopped and turned around and went past her.  She tried to do the same but was drawn to a humongous shark that could easily be twenty times her size.  She turned into a person with gills and the shark did the same.  He told her about an island nearby and some other things, but when Sarah lied to him, he turn and swam away after making the comment that he didn't like liars.

          Sarah went to the island and explored a little.  She found a primitive hut with assorted dead things in it and decided that she didn't want to be there so continued to look around the island.  She found a small gateway and got the feeling that she had when she first entered Tuatha Dé Dun.  She was going to go into the gate, when the shark man told her that it would be a bad idea; that was home of the Winter Court.  Sarah agreed that it would not be a good idea, and then asked the shark man, who introduced himself as Mike Smith.  He told her that he could take her to Florida, where he had property or anywhere the oceans could touch.  Sarah knew that Caska could get her into Valin Hall again, so she asked him if he could take her closed to Phoenix, Arizona.  He said he could, but it would be a good idea if she changed into something small that he could carry, especially because the Unseelie would want to attack her if they saw her, so Sarah turned into a rat.


Friday, September 8th, 3080

          Upon reaching Arizona, Sarah thanked Mike and then flew to Lore Crest Academy.  It was breakfast time and so she stopped by the cafeteria to get some food.  There Sarah saw Kiran sitting at the table being quiet, which was unlike herself, but Sarah knew that wasn't the real Kiran because the real Kiran was in Valin Hall.  So Sarah revealed that she wasn't the real Kiran and she said so what.  It intimidated Sarah, and then the fake Kiran asked what she was going to do about it.  Sarah said she would do nothing because it was the real Kiran who she wanted to fight.  After she finished eating, Sarah called Fix and said that she had to go get Kiran from somewhere so would if be okay to miss another couple of days and Fix asked if she promised to bring Kiran back and, reluctantly, she agreed then she went to Caska, who was in the dojo, and asked him if he'd take her to Valin Hall.  

          When the two arrived, Kiran was just waking from her sleep and after attacking a Nye she glared at Sarah, who glared at her.  Caska said that he was hungry and he challenged Chaka and the display was a sight to see.  It was clear that Chaka was holding back for the two girls.  After Caska had won the battle, Kiran asked if she could fight for food.  She did alright, but not as good as she normally did when she was fully awake.  Today she was going to take on the armory, and Sarah went to fight Benson.

          Kiran went into the armory and saw the guardian.  She asked how she could beat him with distinction, and he asked her if she was ready and Kiran said yes.  In the blink of an eye she was looking down onto a battlefield and had a few weapons to choose from, she put flammable tar on the ground near the wall and readied arrows to light it with fire.  She failed at shooting the calvary at a distance, but when the the men came close enough she started to shoot the tar and the battlefield lit up, only a few made it past that and she dropped heavy rocks on the ones that tried to scale the wall.  When that finished she was on a ship in a cabin.  She had the option of a gun, a sword, and her fists.  When she went to open the door, she was shot with a gun, and then Kiran went to hit the person.  After she got the person well enough he moved and she could smell kerosene and ran out of the cabin.  She got to the deck and apparently she was a captain and pirates were attacking their ship.  Kiran used her presence to rally the crew and she continued to attack the others on the ship after disconnecting access between the two ships.  Lastly she was dressed in a somewhat tribal wear, she had what was basically a sniper rifle, a bone dagger, and explosive flask.  Kiran snuck to where the the camp she had to infiltrate was.  It was mid-day and a lot of people were around.  She decided to hide and sleep until later when it was dark.  Kiran woke up at about 3 o'clock in the morning.  She saw some weeds that could deter the dogs' senses, so she picked a few and put them into her pocket.  She took careful aim, because she had experience with a sniper rifle, she shot the guy in the tower.  After watching the guy patrolling the parameter she came up from behind and slit his through.  The vision ended after that but Kiran wanted to continue.  She was told that it would be a slaughter on their part so there was no need.  She had in fact won distinction and she could now use the key to the armory.

          Kiran went to check if Sarah beat Benson and she had just arrived.  Kiran watched Sarah's fighting and so did the other guards in the hall.  She didn't get far before she was taken out and Kiran said that she would take care of her.  Kiran grabbed Sarah by the ankles, again, and dragged her to the tub and deposited her in the water.  Kiran left the ninja claws and a note for Sarah, even if she didn't like her at the moment, she still had promised Puck that she'd get her where she needed to be to be able defend herself from the other Fae. 

           Kiran asked what the traveler what would be needed for the forge challenge and they said that you would have to make something for the guardian.  Then she went to go see Benson, she asked what she could get from him if she put some of the guards back together.  He said she could have some of the metal left over from the battle and Kiran agreed and put four of the basic ones together.  After getting the metal, Kiran bent the metal into a snake figure, since that was what the guardian was, and was going to bring it to the snake. 

          Per Kiran's advice, Sarah went to go make a deal with the Nye.  She went over to the carpet in the entrance hall, and moved it, then climbed down.  When she was there she was attacked by multiple Nye.  Sarah then asked for Eldest, who appeared when his name was called.  He asked what she wanted and she told him that she wanted to make a deal.  He asked why would they do that?  He asked her what court she was aligned with, Sarah tried to avoid the answer but after being forced, she told him that she was unaligned.  Sarah went unconscious, when she woke up she was in the bath with iron chains pulling her downwards.  Due to the fact that it was iron chains, she wasn't able to transform into anything.  She tried really hard and was able to manage slipping out of the chains, when she was out, she looked around and saw a house.  She tried to swim closer, but was attacked and so she left.

          Sarah went to get something to eat and when she returned to the bath after fighting Chaka she soaked into the tub.  She saw one of the imps come up to her and she grabbed it, and told it to be quiet.  She took it out of the tub, went to the bathroom sink, filled it with water and started asking it questions.  Sarah wanted to know who was in the house and if she could meet with the person.  Sarah found out there was a woman there known as mama, mother of the imps.  The imp told her that she'd probably be really angry with Sarah for taking him, but he could try to arrange her meeting mama.  When he said that, Sarah agreed to take him back to the water.  When she got back, there was the alligator that had an army of imps on it, the snakes with imps on it, and a few more monsters.  They started to attack Sarah with glass shards, and she released the imp back into the water.  That was the time that Kiran came into the bath room.  She saw all of this and looked at Sarah and asked her what did she do.  

          After the situation calmed down, Kiran was able to convince Sarah that aggervating the situation would not be the best idea, besides Conor would not like it.  Sarah agreed, and then, they went to go see Azora, because from the situation they needed to get in contact with the heir but the sword would probably be the only one who could get in contact with him.  So the two went to the entrance hall, after having a ritual to wake the sword up, the two asked if they could talk to the heir.  The sword said it could get a message to him, but it might take a bit.  It told the girls, if they wanted to his advisors were the Sisters of the Wind, in his room, but if they didn't have their emotions in check, that they'd go crazy there.

          The two girls, knowing that their emotions weren't in check, went to Chaka and asked what was the most introspective room there was in the house and he told the two it was the mirror room.  The girls asked if they could go there and he said sure why not, and unlocked the mirror room for the two.  The girls went through three rooms to get to the mirror room.  Sarah touched a mirror and started to be a bit delusional and Kiran just watched.  Sarah kept bumping into mirrors until she passed out.  Kiran used her wind magic to find a path through the mirrors and she tried not to touch them.  She found out that it was like an infinity loop with a hallway down the middle, it all lead back to the beginning.  So, Kiran started to walk and look.  As she was walking she looked to the mirror and saw Cody.  He told her that he missed her.  Kiran started to cry and touched a mirror until she passed out.

          (The girls visions will be linked here – Kiran)  After having their visions, the room guardian asked the girls what they were going to do.  Kiran said she was going to get to the bottom of things and Sarah said she was going to find a way back.  The guardian accepted the answers and gave the both of them the diamond of clarity.  The guardian said, before they left, that they should go to the stone garden to learn patience.  The two agreed, united in their will to get things done, and started for the stone garden.

          When the two were there, there were five pillars and they all had a path that they had to move to.  So the girls started working together, pushing one.  It barely budged before it tried to attack them and went back to the beginning.  The traveler was sitting on a stone looking at them, and told them that when they got all the stones moved, to go inside the circle, and stay there no matter what.  They learned that if they faced the opposite way and let to stones try to attack them, that the stones would move forward, so they used that to their advantage.

          When the circle started to form the girls got inside and started to wait.  Kiran started to meditate and Sarah fell asleep.  A Nye tried to attack Sarah and Kiran punched it away, then sat close to Sarah so she could sleep.  But a few minutes later, the guardian appeared and started to taunt the girls.  Sarah brushed it off, and Kiran got a little angry, flipped it off, then turned around and meditated.  After a bit the guardian said it wouldn't win and left the rocks for the girls to pick up.  Kiran questioned if that was the end of thing, so Sarah went to test it out and it was.  The two girls looked at each other and decided that it was time for them to go their separate ways.  Kiran was going to go to Edenfield to figure out the mystery and Sarah was going to fight Benson.

          Kiran went to the traveler and asked if he could get her to Edenfield.  He told her that the Dragon Fang only took them to where they last left and he had been in England.  He said that he could try and get Caska though.  Caska agreed to let her go through the portal and she was in St. Matthew's Church.  She had wanted to speak with Paul, Father Alexander, and Sayna about what happened to Pops.  So she looked around and saw Father Alexander and told him that the group needed to talk and that it was very important.  He asked why and Kiran only told him it was from the past and in Edenfield, so he told her they could talk later.  Kiran was about to leave when she saw Paul.  It was two out of three.  She asked him if he had a moment, and he said he had to open soon, but it looked important so he called a friend to open for him and went with her to Father Alexander's office.  There she told them she had been in a gang and because he tried to help her leave and because her brother worked there previously, that Persey blew up the place.  She told them that it was her fault and they disagreed, it still didn't remove her guilt.  She told the two that she was heading there and Father Alexander asked her if she wanted a ride and she said please.

          On the way there Kiran told Father Alexander some confessions and had a religious debate for answers but she wasn't able to get them all.  After that there was silence and contemplation on Kiran's part.  When they reached the cemetery she was the only one to go see Pops' grave.  She looked for the stone but then an angel started to appear and Kiran asked if it would not let destroy her ears because that would be nice.  So Pops' came down in a heavenly form and they started to talk.  She asked Pops' if her brother knew about her and the gang and he said no.  She told him of her plans to kill Persey and he told her to watch out.  He also told her that she could have some access to him for a little while because there was a stone that her brother had left for her.  When the stone finally let her open it she found a notebook on Thaumaturgy and an onyx that had some power left in it.

          Sarah went to fight Benson, after a bit of fighting she made it to him.  When he attacked she was almost killed but she called on the power of the house and was able to take the deadly blow before finishing her attack.  She gained the power of Benson's Steel and then headed out the door and was helped by the traveler to the hot tub.


To be continued …

The Weavers of Fate and Their Assistant [3080]
The Ladies Always Loved Their Jokes


Wednesday, September 6th, 3080

          Kiran had dreams about her life and old gang, the Black Jackals.  After working on her board for a while, Sarah left to find the halls and explore a little more.  When she entered the halls she looked around and came into an entrance hall.  There were two sword racks, with eight pegs, and two swords per rack.  Sarah was intrigued and so she walked towards one of the racks and grabbed a sword and tried to take it out of the room and she was unable to do so.  Sarah decided to put the sword back and she was going to leave and then something came up from behind from her and tried to strangle her with a chain.  Sarah tried to fight it but just before too late, she turned into a fly and left the halls.

          Sarah walked into the cafeteria with bruises from a chain around her throat.  Everyone in the normal group was staring at her and Kiran started to ask questions, in which Sarah said she had to go.  Kiran asked if she was going to go to the dojo, then Sarah said she might be a little late.  Sarah left for the halls again.  This time she continued into the halls and found a courtyard.  There was a stream and fruit tree.  There was a pile of leather that got up when she got close to the fruit tree.  The leather told her that if she wanted food that she had to earn it.  She told the leather that she just ate and he was confused.  Sarah told him that this place was connected to the school.  He told her that he would have to tell the guardian of the halls and that he would have to fix it.  The leather asked Sarah if she was going to the cemetery and she said no, but she marked that in her head then headed to the dojo.

          Kiran asked questions about what was going on and Riki Maru asked who tried to strangle her.  Sarah said she had to go, and decided that she wanted to go talk to Caska.  It was time for class and Kiran saw that Sarah was talking to Caska so she tried to get close so she could hear what was going on, but Caska said it was her turn to serve the volleyball, so she left to do that.  Sarah asked about the halls, she told him that something tried to kill her.  He told them that they don't really want to kill, they want people to be able to defeat them.

          After talking to Caska, Sarah went back to the halls and explored them some more.  She went past the courtyard and into a cemetery.  When she tried to open the gate, a trap went off and poisoned darts flew at her.  After getting them off her she walked in to see this giant, green male.  He introduced himself as the guardian of the cemetery.  The guardian told her she could explore as long as she did not touch anything.  Sarah looked around and went over to a gravestone and wiped it off, and she was attacked.  She was partially gutted and cut, but she made it out of the cemetery alive.  She proceeded to the bath room and soaked in the tube for a bit until her wounds were healed.  Then she headed for the exit.  On the way out another one of the things attacked her.  A little into the fight Sayna appeared and finished the creature off.  Sarah was asking Sayna if he was following her, and he told her that he walked down an alleyway because he got the sense that someone needed help.  Sarah told him that the only entrance was in the school and then he showed her and they were out on the streets of the Metropolis.

          Sarah flew back to school and sat down at lunch.  Everyone was giving her concerned looks, except for Kiran who stormed off.  Then they went to class for the whole day with nothing disturbing the process.  After dinner Sarah brought Kiran to her room and showed her the boards and told her all the things that had happened there.  Kiran made Sarah promise not to go there tonight, so agreed three times so she was locked in.  Kiran went to Mr. Lassiter's classroom and saw three other people there.  After a safety run-down, the students went to do their own thing.  After class, Kiran asked Lassiter if she could stay and he said she could.  When he left Kiran summoned as much power as she could to attack the dummies to take her anger out on them.  The spells surrounding the area didn't allow her to unleash her full potential to keep out danger.  

          She was so angry that she could not unleash her full potential, she decided to go to the dojo to hit the punching bag.  On the way there Lassiter stopped her and said she was stubborn, that she needed to go rest after that.  Kiran started with she was fine, and finally after a bit of pushing she said no.  Lassiter said if she didn't go she couldn't come back to his class, so she went to the couches in the room and laid down for a while.  Luccio had come and gone by then and she attacked the dummies a little more then went to her room and laid down.


Thursday, September 7th, 3080

          Another dream of the Jackals plagued Kiran, and she was a little more aggravated and aggressive today.  She decided to go run around the school path before breakfast.  When she was there, Sarah glared at her but Kiran ignored it.  Kiran went back to beating up the punching bag at the dojo and Sarah went back to the entrance room in the halls.  Once more she tried to take a sword but it did not work.  She was attacked by the house keepers again, and when she left, she was in the city.  She went to St.  Matthew's Church to see if she could have more information on the halls themselves.  Father Alexander gave her some information and then Sarah returned to the school for lunch.

          Kiran was kinda off at lunch but didn't say much, especially because she knew where Sarah had been and it made her angry.  The two went to second period and they were given their information packets.  Kiran laughed through parts of her, about gang and city violence, she knew this information all too well.  It was when she read up on the Black Jackals that she started to shake.  Mr. Misomoto asked if she was okay, and Kiran wasn't able to say anything and just left, she couldn't lie about that.

          Sarah followed her out of the classroom and asked her if she was okay, and Kiran wasn't really responsive.  Sarah said she'd give Kiran information if she went with her and Kiran just nodded.  Adam came up to them and asked if she was okay.  Sarah said Kiran was fine and Adam said she was lying.  Adam threw down her packet and Kiran backed up.  Sarah took Kiran to the edge of the school, and pushed her down, once again.  Sarah caught her and asked her if she was better and when Kiran didn't respond, Sarah dropped her again.  When she caught her some told Sarah that it wasn't very nice.  It was Honor on a hand glider.  Sarah went to talk to the woman, and Kiran casted a spell to get to the docks, and in the motion of a lightening bolt, she was there.

          Kiran pulled out money from an ATM machine, and ran to The Drink.  She went to Mr. Johnson and started asking questions about the Black Jackals, especially about Merci and Persey.  Apparently Merci and Persey had separated and Merci had changed a lot.  95 percent of the gang, the entire gang, had been arrested but no one was able to find Persey.  Kiran found out that it was the undercover cop Shames that had made the arrest, and Kiran asked if the remaining gang members were out to get him, and he told her that Shames had a 250,000 dollar bounty on his head.  Kiran asked if when that information was found if she could be the first to know, and then he said that Merci had that stake already, so she asked if she could be the second and he approved.  Mr. Johnson asked Kiran if she wanted to meet with Merci and Kiran said yes, but not right this second since she probably had people on her tail.

          When Kiran left the bar she texted Shames telling him to call her as soon as possible and that he had a bounty.  Then she went to the end of a pier and sat there, trying to soak everything in.  Sarah had followed Kiran to the docks, and saw her on the pier when she got there.  She turned into a rat and walked close by and just watched her.  Out of nowhere, hands grabbed Kiran and Sarah and pulled them into the Nevernever.  When Kiran turned to see who it was, it was Merci.  She asked how things were going and the two caught up a little bit and were talking about Persey.  Kiran also found out that Merci was the assitant to the Fates.  Sarah asked if she could go.  Merci asked where she wanted to go, and Sarah said with Conor.  So, all of a sudden, she appeared next to Conor.

          Sarah wanted to show Conor the halls so she took him to where the hall doorway was found in the alleyway.  When Conor got there he said he was probably unwelcome there and Sarah told him he'd be fine.  When they got there all the creatures of the house were there and told him he was unwelcome.  After much debate on Sarah's part, Conor left and Sarah followed behind.

          When the two were done talking Kiran told Merci to put her where Fate needed her most.


To be Continued …

The Promise [3080]
You Do Know What You Signed Up for Right?


Monday, September 4th, 3080

          Sarah goes to dinner while Kiran goes back to her apartment and works on her boards.  Sarah, seeing that Kiran wasn't there, grabbed her tray and went to the Kiran's apartment.  When Kiran heard a knock a door she opened it to see Sarah and she let her come in, telling her she could have made her dinner if she was going to come here.  Kiran had come to the conclusion of wanting to go gather information on the artifacts and the museum was a good starting place.  Kiran asked Sarah a lot of questions and Sarah really wasn't paying attention.  When Kiran asked if Sarah would do the stuff she asked with her, she said sure and Kiran asked a few more times and it bound Sarah into a promise.  They were going to do it the next night.

          Sarah decided to call Conor to see if he could come and hang out and Kiran started shouting things to embarrass Sarah for revenge for the other day with Shames.  Kiran went into her kitchen and she heard talking, and for some reason she had a feeling of who it was.  Looking around, no one was there, but she heard talk about some sort of cake and Kiran has a weak spot for sweets.  There was an odd mixture of waffle batter, cake mix, cookie dough, and a few other things but it was a layered cake.  It was odd but both of the girls liked the mix.  Sarah went back to talking to Conor and Kiran asked Puck why he was here and he said that the promise drew him here.  Kiran told him that his daughter wasn't paying any attention.  They got on to the topic of sleep.  Kiran said she hated it because you couldn't do things while you were asleep and Puck said then you are not doing it right.  When Kiran tried to press for more information it was clear that he had started to leave.  She yelled that he used her cooking supplies and he left a paper that said you ate some though.  Pouting, Kiran ate the last slice of cake.  She did mention to Sarah not to tell Matt that they ate his cookie dough though.

          Kiran stayed up that night working on her board before meeting up with Saul and seeing where she stood as far as Advanced Evocation went and Sarah went to sleep.


Tuesday, September 5th, 3080

          Kiran had been working on her boards and then went out to get breakfast.  Everyone who was normally there was there.  There were rumors about Henrettia going out with another guy in town and if Kiran heard anyone talking about that, she'd glare at them.  There was also a rumor about a grudge match for baseball and that a student was medically evacuated from the school due to an incident with Honor's guards, which one, it wasn't sure.

          Kiran went to the dojo and brought Sarah and started to get her into training so she could protect herself with their instructor being Riki Maru.  After that was done, Kiran went to first period and Sarah went to explore the school a little more.  At some point Sarah saw a familiar looking guy, and texted Kiran and in the changing of the class Kiran ran and got Matt, saying that they needed to find Sarah.  Matt did a small chant and then he ran and Kiran did what she could to keep up.

          Sarah followed the guy who looked familiar and he was a custodian.  He was cleaning offices and at one point Sarah started to get sassy with him.  He said that he didn't like to resort to violence but at one point he took a broom and went to hit her with it.  Shortly after that Sarah left, turned into a cockroach, and then watched him.

          Kiran and Matt finally reached Sarah and they both saw the guy.  Kiran knew that he looked familiar and asked Matt if he was familiar to him and Matt said no.  Kiran went up to the guy lied, saying that she had to write a report on faculty in the school and that she wanted to use him as a reference.  He said that it was fine but told them that they were late to class, Kiran said she had permission to be out of class and Matt said he wanted to make sure she had gotten where she was safe and he headed back to class.

          Kiran followed the man, watching him and asking him questions.  At one point she asked him if his name was Huck and he said no.  She asked more questions then decided to use The Sight on him (her vision).  When Kiran came to the custodian had been walking away and Kiran saw the repeat of the monster near him.  She said that she was okay.  She asked if she could talk to him later because she had been ill a lot recently and she wanted to make a report of it.  He told her that he'd drop off a report to the nurse, even when Kiran tried to persuade him to let her visit him later.  After that, Kiran walked away and when the guy couldn't see her, she leaned against a wall and fell to the floor.  She had been traumatized from the vision.

          Sarah continued to follow him.  He cleaned more offices then went into a janitorial closet and then went into a classroom.  Sarah went to follow him and she was met with a barrier and then a burning sensation, he had put down boric acid.  He sat in a chalk circle and Sarah hid in a corner and watched him.  After a few minutes, he broke the circle and he disappeared and a gust of wind went throughout the room.  Kiran finally joined back up with Sarah, because she didn't want her friend to get into too much trouble alone.  Kiran suggested they go report the information that they knew to the office and they started to run.

          Kiran stopped and asked what was going on and Sarah said they were going to report the information that they had.  Kiran said Sarah was crazy and that she needed to go to class.  Sarah got pissed but Kiran went into second period late.  When Mr. Misomoto asked what happened, Kiran said that Sarah was acting crazy and said that she had seen someone that looked similar to the guy in the library.  Mr. Misomoto nodded and she went back to work.

          Sarah skipped third period trying to look for this guy and Kiran was robotic durning it.  When fourth period came, Kiran had to explain why Sarah was acting crazy to Florance and Florance said that she had something to do for a few minutes and asked what room was her's and Kiran gave directions to Sarah's apartment.  Sarah got a warm sensation, and then Florance went back into the classroom to teach her lesson on law breakers.  

          Kiran went to her boards after class and Sarah called Matt and told him that Kiran was acting weird.  Matt said he'd meet her at the apartment.  Sarah came into the apartment followed by Matt and his pack.  Kiran saw the ice monster next to Charlie and she jumped back.  Kiran asked Matt if everything was okay, and he said no.  He asked her if she remembered them going to find the guy, and Kiran said no.  Charlie looked at her and walked over to the fridge.  Kiran asked what he was doing and he said he was grabbing ice.  Kiran asked him if he was a Windago, and he said yes. 

          Kiran saw Charlie sprinkling crushed ice around the room and she asked what he was doing and he said helping a friend.  Kiran started to back up and Charlie said not to break the circle and she backed up into Bill.  He asked her if she was going to be cooperative or if things needed to get rough.  Kiran got nervous for a moment then Sarah turned into a tiny black kitten, which was another weak spot of Kiran's.  She grabbed Sarah and sat on the couch.  After the ritual, Kiran was able to remember what happened and explained it to the rest of the group.

          After that, Kiran and Sarah went to go to the museum.  Sarah pushed Kiran off the edge of the school and after a few minutes, she caught her and told her it was for calling her crazy earlier.  Kiran told her that she hated and then Sarah asked really, and Kiran shouted no really quick.

          Kiran told Sarah to scout the interior of the museum and Kiran went to the guard station and they exchanged information.  The guard told Kiran that Monarch Security had taken over the case and Kiran knew that was where they were going to go next.  Kiran asked Sarah if she anything and she said that the people had attempted to get the other artifacts but they hadn't successfully get them.  

          The two went to the Monarch Security office and Kiran asked Sarah if she wanted to leave because it was going to be dinner soon.  Sarah said she was good.  Kiran asked Sarah how she was good because she had previously been broke.  Sarah told Kiran that did she expect her not to get food from the museum and from the snack machine.  Kiran asked if she took food from the snack machine at Monarch Security and she said yes.  They looked up at the detective who had come their way and Kiran followed him into the office Sarah was going to touch him as a fly but there was a barrier at his office door.

          Kiran swore on her power to give the information she had for the information he had, so they both exchanged information.  Apparently there were four items that opposed the Red Court's four artifacts.  There was a knife, a goblet, a tray, and a necklace.  The two went back to the school.  Kiran went to Matt for comfort and Sarah went around the school looking for that guy.  She felt a weird feeling but the warmth that has surrounded her faded and she was fine.

          Sarah continued to explore the school and found a door.  There was clanking noises and she followed it to a closed door.  When she opened it she saw Caska praticing his swordfighting.  He told Sarah that she had travelled into a part of the school that most students don't know about.  He told her he had given up telling students not to go to places, mainly because they never headed the advice.  He told her that she had to be really careful because this place would try to kill her.  He told her about a room and so Sarah went to find it.  The room had a hot tub and there was nothing else.  Sarah put her feet into the tub for a while and felt a lot better.  When she went to leave, little creatures tried to kill her but she deat with them easily.

          Caska came in as she was heading out and soaked in the tub.  He told her that this pool had healing tendencies, but when you tried to leave, imps would try to kill you.  Caska offered to show Sarah the exit to this place and she agreed to follow.  When they left Sarah started a dective board for the halls.


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