Mysteries of the Metropolis

The Beginning of the Year [ 3080 ]

What Has Happened so Far

          Prior to the start of the new quarter which began on August 7th, 3080, Honor Herrignton arrived at Spellcrest as the diplomat of the planet Greyson.  Kiran/"Cody" was assigned as the person to meet with Honor at her arrival and show her the school.  In preperation for that, Kiran forged a blade to give as a gift to Honor and studied up as much as she could on the Greyson culture.  Before the arrival, Kiran got two others to represent the school to help guide Honor along.  When Honor arrived Kiran introduced herself as Cody and formally welcomed her to the school.  After the initial conversation, the group showed Honor and her bodyguards Spellcrest.  In the process Kiran saw someone being bullied in the library by Charles, a known bully.  So she handed the group to one of the other group members and went to protect the other (Compel: Protector of the Weak).  It turned out that Kiran was fighting Charles after the student who was being bullied was taken away by a forest person.  Kiran won the fight but when the teachers came to examine the scene it appeared that Charles had been mind controlled.  Thus began Kiran's search for the mind controller (Aspect: Determined).  After the conflict was resolved, Kiran joined back up with the diplomat and continued to show her around the school.

          Sarah is a normal teenage girl, or so she thought.  One day, randomly her parents pushed her off a cliff and in the midst of falling, she turned into a bird?  If that wasn't weird enough, another bird, much bigger than she, started to fly at her, lunging for an attack, but it stopped at a distance.  It told the girl that if she did not come with him, that he would kill her.  When Sarah asked who he was, he replied with Injun Joe (Speaks with Wind).  Speaks with Wind forcibly enrolls Sarah into Spellcrest and tells the school to update him on her progress.

          Sarah and Kiran meet in Mr. Misomoto's Mundane Studies class.  There are a few other students in there: Evan, the wizard; Illiana, the forest person; Jesse, the wereshark; Joseph, the werebear; and Adam, Honor's young bodyguard.  Mr. Misomoto has the class introduce themselves and what they know as far as the mundane world goes and what they would like to learn.  Everyone does as he said, except for Kiran, who lectures Mr. Misomoto on his lack of preparedness for the class, and Sarah who argues with him and is on her phone.  Evan, the wizard, uses his magic to shock the phone to where it doesn't work anymore.  Mr. Misomoto calls him out on it and chides, but Evan states that he will do it more stealthily in the future.  Sarah and Adam start a verbal fight with each other and they get on each other's bad list.






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