Mysteries of the Metropolis

The Beginning of the Year [ 3080 ]
What Has Happened so Far

          Prior to the start of the new quarter which began on August 7th, 3080, Honor Herrignton arrived at Spellcrest as the diplomat of the planet Greyson.  Kiran/"Cody" was assigned as the person to meet with Honor at her arrival and show her the school.  In preperation for that, Kiran forged a blade to give as a gift to Honor and studied up as much as she could on the Greyson culture.  Before the arrival, Kiran got two others to represent the school to help guide Honor along.  When Honor arrived Kiran introduced herself as Cody and formally welcomed her to the school.  After the initial conversation, the group showed Honor and her bodyguards Spellcrest.  In the process Kiran saw someone being bullied in the library by Charles, a known bully.  So she handed the group to one of the other group members and went to protect the other (Compel: Protector of the Weak).  It turned out that Kiran was fighting Charles after the student who was being bullied was taken away by a forest person.  Kiran won the fight but when the teachers came to examine the scene it appeared that Charles had been mind controlled.  Thus began Kiran's search for the mind controller (Aspect: Determined).  After the conflict was resolved, Kiran joined back up with the diplomat and continued to show her around the school.

          Sarah is a normal teenage girl, or so she thought.  One day, randomly her parents pushed her off a cliff and in the midst of falling, she turned into a bird?  If that wasn't weird enough, another bird, much bigger than she, started to fly at her, lunging for an attack, but it stopped at a distance.  It told the girl that if she did not come with him, that he would kill her.  When Sarah asked who he was, he replied with Injun Joe (Speaks with Wind).  Speaks with Wind forcibly enrolls Sarah into Spellcrest and tells the school to update him on her progress.

          Sarah and Kiran meet in Mr. Misomoto's Mundane Studies class.  There are a few other students in there: Evan, the wizard; Illiana, the forest person; Jesse, the wereshark; Joseph, the werebear; and Adam, Honor's young bodyguard.  Mr. Misomoto has the class introduce themselves and what they know as far as the mundane world goes and what they would like to learn.  Everyone does as he said, except for Kiran, who lectures Mr. Misomoto on his lack of preparedness for the class, and Sarah who argues with him and is on her phone.  Evan, the wizard, uses his magic to shock the phone to where it doesn't work anymore.  Mr. Misomoto calls him out on it and chides, but Evan states that he will do it more stealthily in the future.  Sarah and Adam start a verbal fight with each other and they get on each other's bad list.




The Weekend Adventure [3080]
Life is Full of Surprises


Saturday, August 19th, 3080

       Initially, Kiran had planned for the Saturday to be dedicated to searching for more details into the mind controller, but the night before Riki Maru challenged her thoughts on her preparedness and her overall ability to fight the entities behind this plot.  So, instead of having Matt, Sarah, Evan, and herself go looking for the library, she offered to the group that they go down to the Metropolis and have some fun.  Matt and Sarah agreed and Sarah went to the office so she could get permission for a large bird form to carry passengers if need be.

           When they got the approval from Evan, Matt, and Kiran met Sarah at the shuttle to and from the Metropolis.  Upon their arrival the group wasn't sure what to do, but Sarah said she had been to a bar previously and it was pretty good and the group decided to go there.  The bar, Hill Top, was busy when they got there.  Apparently they served nationally recognized steak sandwiches and the group decided to eat there.  Kiran, having a weakness for red-heads, started to flirt with Paul but was denied and told that he only dated women, in which she smiled at, but dropped it.

          The group said they would come back later to drink but it was too early to start drinking.  So they decided that they were going to look for an arcade.  After about an hour of looking and asking directions they found Galactic.  The first thing Kiran went for was the crane machine.  Everyone went off and did their own thing.  Kiran was getting frustrated and had to donate to the curse jar a few time, but she couldn't get the toy that she wanted from the crane machine.  Sarah turned into a squirrel and went into the crane machine and got it and handed it to Kiran.  The staff member was heading their way and so Kiran used her old sense of danger to get out of there and started to run.  A wall of fire made it where they couldn't exit and the man said, "running isn't suspicious at all."  And Kiran tried to lie her way out a couple times but ended up failing at all of them.  It came to her attention that the man in front of her was Fix, the Knight of the Summer Court.  Sarah tried to fight Fix in her squirrel form and Kiran passively followed Fix to the back and they were locked in a security room and started to question the two.  Sarah was rebellious the whole time as she blamed Kiran for the mistake while Kiran just covered her face.

          At one point Sarah asked Fix if he wanted to talk to her guardian figure and he said yes, and so she was given a phone and called Listens to Wind.  This time he picked up and then Sarah told him that he had gotten in trouble at Galactic and he sighed.  Listens to Wind talked to Fix for a few minutes and then talked to Sarah again, and then wanted to talk to Kiran.  Kiran was given his number for her to get in contact with.  Sarah was still talking back and not backing down and Kiran asked the Summer Knight not to kill her and when he lead Kiran out of the room, he told he wouldn't.

          Sarah issued a lot of challenges to the Summer Knight and so when he resealed the room he told her to do her worst.  She turned into a T-Rex and went to bite him and he merely flipped her over and then she turned into a bug and he took a breath in and set a wall of fire on the ceiling and was burning out the oxygen of the room, after a few second Sarah returned to her human form and Fix finished his spell as he stuck a iron needle in Sarah's arm so she couldn't use her magic.  After Sarah finally gave up he opened the door and stood so Kiran could hear.  To pay him back for disrespecting him, they would be working in the arcade for a few weeks.  Then the two went back to the arcade and spent some time in there.  Kiran got a lot of tickets for a tea set that she was going to give to Matt and Sarah turned into a cat and went over to Mouse, who happened to be a service animal in the arcade.

          Sarah entertained the kids and when she came over to change into a human, Kiran handed a toy to Sarah so she could give to the kid.  At first she went over there to talk and then confessed that the kitten had been her and asked if she had a favorite animal and thus turned into an otter for Ivy.  When they got to asking, Sarah asked if Ivy knew if Kiran was a boy or not, and she said that it was better to ask the person, and told Mouse to go get her and sent Mouse to bring her over, but Kiran ran out of the arcade before they could.

          Kiran ran aimlessly and ended up falling into a place where misfit teenagers hung out and ended walking into a fireball.  After the guys made sure she was okay, she told them to excuse herself and she went and screamed in a corner and punched the wall.  At one point the wall punched back and people asked if she was okay.  At one point she covered her face and fell to the ground and just cried.  A teen mage hid her by a column of smoke so no one could see her.  When she recovered, Kiran sat next to the mage and talked to him and he gave her some advice before leaving.  Soon after Kiran took her exit.  She knew that the others were going to meet at the Hill Top later so she decided that she would head there early.  As she walked she saw someone following her.  Again, her weakness of a red-head hit her and she talked to the man, Shames, and Kiran said she would challenge him to a drinking contest.  He agreed because "he" looked like he had a rough day.  When they got to the bar, they got their alcohol and took shots.  After the third shot, Kiran passed out.

          Sarah, Matt, and Evan enter the busy bar and Sarah goes to the counter to talk to Shames and Matt goes to check on Kiran.  Sarah asks if she can have some alcohol and Shames says he needs to show him and ID, so Sarah shows him a fake one, he laughs and comments on that, but still gives her some.  Sarah takes some shots, and Kiran wakes up drunk.  Kiran walks over to Shames in a very feminine way, and start to flirt with Shames.  Shames says that they should talk some time and Kiran give him her number and when he wrote it on the card Sarah notices it is a card for the police force so she tries to usher Kiran out of the bar but she doesn't want to go.  Kiran says that Sarah put all of the blame on her for the Summer Knight and Shames gets Kiran's attention with a snap and tells her that they need to meet at Under the Hill to talk about that.

          Then and there Kiran confesses in a drunken stupor that she is in fact a girl and that she was upset that Sarah kept asking for that information because she was just trying to stay in school for her dead brother but Paul sang louder so people couldn't hear her and Sarah and Matt took her back to her room.  Sarah is upset that Kiran didn't tell her before than and leaves.


Sunday, August 20th, 3080

          Kiran wakes up with a hangover and plays tennis with Caska.  On the way out she sees Riki Maru and decides to use The Sight on him.  (Vision)  She ends up waking up at a church surrounded by Matt, Evan, Sarah, Riki, Caska, and Father Alexander.


To be continued…

The Reunitement [3080]
Hello Mom and Dad


Sunday, August 20th, 3080

          So Kiran's secret had been revealed to those in the group that had not previously known.  She was dressed in one of Matt's T-shirts, which was like a small dress to her.  Father Alexander checked on her to make sure she was okay, and she was, except for the fact that Kiran couldn't look at Riki Maru without feeling the foreign feeling of fear.  When Kiran finally took account she wasn't wearing her brother's clothes which was like a safety blanket for her, she asked where they were and Father Alexander said they were in the dryer and so she had to wait until they were done.  At that time Sarah left St. Matthew's Church and just started to explore the city.  Kiran checked her phone to see if she had any messages from Shames, it was completely blank and so she questioned if anything had happened to her phone, no one had an answer for her so when her clothes dried she went to her carrier's store, Red Rover, and found out that her power was draining quickly and that she needed to replace the battery.  When she turned it on next, she had a text message from Shames, and she waited for his text back.

          While waiting for Shames to get free Kiran decided to go to the mall and start buying female clothing and other necessities.  She spent a few hours there picking through the things that they had, because if, at any point, she was going to be going back as a girl, she better look the part.  Sarah had found the Fourth Way Station and Sarah started to talk to the hippie mage that had a bong foci.  She started to smoke with him and she went off into space.  When Kiran was done shopping she asked Shames if he wanted to meet up and he said that he would be there shortly.  Kiran checked to see if there was a tattoo and piercing parlor open to try and get some piercings but there was only one in there that said "On the seventh day, he rested."

          Shames pulled up to the mall on a motorcycle and handed Kiran a helmet and she joined him as they rode to Under the Hill.  Upon their enterance, Kiran saw her teacher Florance and so she tried to hide a bit and walked the two of them over to a booth where she could keep an eye on everything.  She tried to pay Shames back for the drinks she didn't pay for to find out that Matt had paid her bill.  Kiran offered to buy the first round.  Then it hit her that she was only eighteen and she wasn't going to be able to order drinks from the bar but Shames told her that Harry didn't care about those kinds of things.  After getting the drinks Kiran unloaded her troubles on to Shames, and was personally surprised that she did, he told her that it was easier to talk to people you didn't know well versus someone you did.

          By the time she had checked her phone, it was eleven and the shuttle bus left at nine.  Kiran asked Shames if he knew any other way to the school and he told her to wait one second and went to Harry.  The two men talked for a moment and they made a call, then Kiran and Shames walked outside and a cab came haulling to a stop after going ninety.  Kiran told Shames goodbye and got in the car.  The cab driver asked for the location and year and within second they were back at the school.  The cab driver asked for his fare but when he looked in his book, there was credit for that ride from about a thousand years ago.  When it clicked she asked the driver if he could go back in time and she said that she would probably need him for another drive and she asked how she could get ahold of him, and he told her if she needed him, she'd find the way.  He tried to usher her out of the car because he had a stop to get to next but as she reached for the door, the seat ejected and she had to pay a fine for that.

          After grabbing her bags she went straight to her room, put away the clothes, and sat and stared at them all night.  When Sarah came to, she had to fly back to school and go to bed.


Monday, August 21st, 3080

          In the early hours of the night, Kiran got dressed as a girl, and she went above and beyond for her first day as a girl, but she constantly checked the mirror to make sure she could do this.  After getting ready she walked to the Headmaster's office and confessed.  She sat down and there was a letter of punishment written out to her and she had to fill out a lot of paperwork, some of which she had taken with her to finish later.  She arrived late at breakfast, and so as people looked at her she chowed down her food and went into first period than lunch.  When she got to third period she was talking to Evan about how people were taking it and then Sarah chimed it that it was her fault for screwing things up than left.  This pissed Kiran off, so she ended her conversation and sat down in her desk and said nothing.

          Sarah started to exit the school during school hours and her pass started to beep at her.  She told them she had a family emergency (even though all she was going to do was try to stake revenge on her adoptive parents) and the card told her that she could go but her priveldge was temporarily suspended until she had proof.  The first thing she did was go to Father Alexander and ask for an excuse for school because she had an emergency with her family.  He said he would and then he asked where her parents were and she told him that he was not sure.  Then he sat and prayed for a moment.  When Father Alexander told Sarah that she was going to go with her, she ran out of the church and headed toward Hill Top.  When she arrived there, so did Father Alexander who was surprised at Sarah's actions.  He asked, "I thought you wanted to see your parents?"  She did, and so he lead her to the Hill Top bar door and said some words and it turned into a portal and when they walked through they ended up at the Urkling's table.  

          The Urkling said we have guests, and so Sarah took that and thanked him for giving her guest status.  She was now under the Urkling's protection.  Sarah and Father Alexander continued on and Father Alexander lead her through a forest and they got to a location that looked like Stone Henge.  Once more Father Alexander prayed and soon thereafter there was a wolfhound that came up and he started to lead the two.  He tried to put some distance between Sarah and the Father because he was carrying the weapon of bane for Fae (iron sword).  At one point Sarah started to ask questions and she wasn't moving so the dog sat up and pushed her down a hill.  Sarah caught herself at the bottom as she went through a door and saw a really handsome man.  The dog, now identified as Oberion, walked through the door with the father and was insulted by Sarah, but then she promised him food if he answered some of his questions and Oberion agreed.

          After getting the questions, Sarah wasn't going to give the dog the food, but something compelled her to do so and a woman said that where she was at, promises were binding.  Sarah asked who she was and Brea identified herself as Sarah's mom.  Then Sarah asked who her father was and Brea said she would be there soon.  Soon after, a male fairy appeared and introduced himself as Puck, the trickster fae.  After a long, and somewhat heated discussion, in which Sarah offended some fae, she and Father Alexander were taken back to their destinated places.

          When Sarah checked her phone, Kiran had texted her and told her, per her promise to Listens to Wind, she needed to make sure she was at school and Sarah went off on her and then told her to contact him if she so wished, she did.  After that, Sarah got a call from Listens to Wind and they had a discussion, which ended with her hanging up on him.


To be continued …

Enlightenment [3080]
Your Brother Died Because ...


Tuesday, August 22nd, 3080

          That morning Kiran decided to work out with her roommate Matt.  She offered if he would like to do a spar before they actually worked out and he agreed.  After a sliding victory, Matt helped Kiran up and they started to work out.  When they were done, the two went to breakfast and they couldn't help but notice a girl who wasn't typically out during the day eating breakfast with a lot of people huddled around her and talking to her and she just seemed to ignore it.  As she went to get food, Kiran whispered in the girl's ear "the dojo is the best place to go if you want a quiet space to eat."  Kiran got her food and quickly downed it and when she saw Sarah, the two gave hateful glances at each other but Kiran left for the dojo and Sarah got food.

          At the dojo Kiran saw Riki Maru training and she asked him if he would be willing to teach her to fight better because she had a lot of goals and so, him, being an assassin, would probably be able to help her reach her goals.  He agreed to it and so they started stretching.  In the midst of that Jenella came into the dojo, taking Kiran on her word that the dojo was a quiter place, but she had a follower.  The follower turned out to be Nifelheim, the guy that Kiran had been wanting to confront since he had took a piece of his hair.  Getting up she asked him why he was there and it turned out to be because he was following Jenella.  Kiran taunted him, especially when she said that it was a sad fact that his master was disappointed in him being so obvious.

          Kiran mainly focused on training while eyeing Nifelheim a few times.  When the two left, Kiran asked Riki Maru if she had a chance against Niefelheim.  Riki Maru said that he wasn't sure because he didn't know how capable she was.  Kiran nervously offered to spare with Riki Maru if he didn't kill her, in which he laughed.  After sparring he told her that if she could get his weapon away from him, that she had a chance.  Before leaving to go to the class she offered to help him like he was helping her.

          Sarah went to go get revenge on her foster parents, at first she called Rameriz but he was in the middle of a battle and his phone shorted out.  Then she headed to where the house was and her parents weren't home.  Mouse, from the house next door, started to talk to her.  He got her to turn into a squirrel and they played for a few hours and then she turned into a frisbee with wings.  When they were done playing it was six and her foster parents had gotten home.  So she went up to the door and knocked on it.  Her mother, Deena, answered the door and asked who she was.  Sarah pretended not to know who she was and asked for Deena.  Then they got to talking and she asked why they pushed her off a cliff.  It came to light that Sarah came into their life ten days after the death of their own daughter and then they thought it was a good idea that they did that.  Sarah asked why it was a good idea, and then her mother thought for a moment and said she didn't remember but Samuel might know.  Then she went inside and got Samuel who came out and who Sarah continued to ask questions.  It turned out that they were compelled to do it by someone and when Sarah asked who Dr. Kevorkian was Samuel said that it might be an alias from the Vampire house Slyvas(?).  

          Sarah asked her foster father if he wanted to go to the school and see if the person that was mind-controlling him was there or if there was someone associated with him.  He said he would but he would need a ride.  Sarah decided to call up Kiran and ask her if she could get her father access to the school, and after sorting out their previous history and what was going on right now, Kiran told her if she was to talk with the dean that he could arrange things for her.  

          After the phone call, Kiran was going scout to if she could get more information on the mind controller and she bumped into Jenella.  Kiran tried to persuade Jenella to get information from Nefelheim on the mind controller that it would help a lot of people and could get him off her back.  She agreed to that and Kiran told her that she would protect her in the midst of it.  They exchanged numbers and Jenella went to class and Kiran decided to go to the nurse and get some blood drawn for Luccio.  

          When Kiran was done and had the vial of blood she went to put it in her free pocket but it wasn't free.  She pulled out her phone and saw that Jenella's number was pulled up.  She knew that her phone had been tampered with and when she went to Luccio and after giving the blood to her for the ceremony on her brother, she asked who would want to have Jenella's number and she told her a lot of people and asked why.  Kiran told her and Luccio said she'd take care of it.

          Sarah went to the dean's office that night and asked if her foster father could come to the school to visit.  The dean was surprised at the sudden visit but informed her of the shuttle that came to and from the school.


Wednesday, August 23rd, 3080

          After staying up all night putting together a detective board of items that could be linked to the mind controller she went to get breakfast and started asking people about rumors about the mind controller.  Some people thought she was acting weird, some people got up and left when she talked to them.  At one point Jenella walked over to her and saying that she was asking a lot of questions that morning.  Kiran asked if her stalker was around, then she looked around and saw him.  The two had a glare battle, then she saw Honor in the cafeteria and mouthed to him 'you won't win'.  She walked away as he pulled his sword and when Honor's guards saw that they glared at him and he walked away.

          After talking shortly with Honor, Kiran joined Jenella and Riki Maru in the dojo.  Sarah walked into the cafeteria with her father and people started talking.  One person said "finally got in enough trouble they had to bring in daddy."  She walked up to him and punched him.  After taking the punch he turned into his hybrid form of a werewolf and attacked her back.  When Jenella and Kiran heard screams, they ran where they were coming from.  When the two got there Sarah just hit the guy back, but then a silver blur and an Alpha's command floored the werewolf and Sarah and the two were taken out.  Kiran apologized to Matt, who was the Beta for the pack and took Sarah to the nurse.

          Sarah's father followed them to the nurse and Sarah got bandaged up.  Samuel made a comment about her needing to control her anger better, after some talk they agreed to meet up and talk about all of this at lunch and Kiran ran to class.  When lunch hit Kiran called Sarah and told to meet them in her room and she grabbed a to-go try from the Cafeteria and in the process she had heard a rumor about Nefelheim backing down and she felt proud of herself in some sense.

          Walking to the room, the three talked about this mind controller and about what happened to Sarah and Kiran noticed something.  There was a time gap of six years that they were missing.  Samuel said that they got Sarah ten days after the death of their eleven year old's death and then pushed her off the cliff but Kiran was told that she was pushed off the cliff a month or two ago.  She decided to call Listens to Wind and told him of it and then he told her to wait a moment and he summoned someone and the she couldn't hear anything that was being discussed.  

          When Listens to Wind got back on the phone Kiran told him about Dr. Kevorkian being on her adoption papers and it was assumed to be a House Slyvas(?)'s alias.  Kiran asked for more information because, she informed Listens to Wind, that she would be checking in on it.  Listens to Wind gave a little information, told her to be careful, and that if she found anything to tell him.  She agreed.  Then she passed her phone to Sarah and those two started to talk.  It came to Kiran's attention that Sarah's father was Puck and Kiran started to freak out a little bit and thought it explained everything.  Sarah also told her, her mother was Brea, a fae queen.

          When Sarah was off the phone she tried to explain a few more things but then there was a knock at the door and when Kiran opened it, it was Caska.  Kiran asked how she could help him and he asked her if he could come in, and thinking it was weird Kiran granted him guest status and he came in.  Caska turned out to be Puck in disguise.  Apparently repeating a fae's name three times summoned them.

          After a little bit of talking Kiran asked Puck if he knew how her brother died and he said yes.  He told her that it was punctured glass to the chest.  Then Kiran asked if it was a regular car crash and he said it wasn't.  So Kiran told Puck that she would guard Sarah with her life if he told her that.  Puck said that wasn't fair on her part, so they agreed that she would teach Sarah to protect herself for the information.  Apparently, before his death, Cody was working with the Winter Knight on the thing they fight (he couldn't give specific details because those belonged to the Winter Court) and he got too close and the thing they fight ordered the driver to kill themself by driving off a cliff.  It  had been covered up by corrupt cops.  So she asked why the grave had her name instead of his and Puck told her it was the will of the Winter Knight and that he and the Queen had been gambling on her turning out this way.


To be continued …

The Appearance of the Mind Controller [3080]
God damn Fae, I'm talking about you Puck.


Wednesday, August 23rd, 3080

          Resuming in the apartment, Kiran and Puck talked a little more on the missing years of Sarah's life, still in shock of whom her parents were.  Kiran asked Puck if he had a cellphone or any other method that she could contact him at if she had found any leads.  He said that if she called his name three times around a magical circle.  Kiran said she would have to figure out how to get a magic circle in the room because she didn't want to get blood on the carpet.  Then Puck said it was right there.  To Kiran's dismay, Puck had burned a magical circle into the carpet of her apartment.  She hoped that Matt wouldn't get too angery about it. 

          At one point Kiran offered if people were hungry, when they all said yes, she started to cook steaks for them.  When they all had their food, Kiran grabbed a popsicle for herself and sat with the group.  After saying something was missing, drinks appeared.  Not wanting to be rude, Kiran took a sip.  It was a finely brewed ale.  Kiran asked if Puck had made it, even though he did make his own ale, this was from a man named Mac at the Proprietor Meadley.  Even though she drank she wasn't getting intoxicated so she continued to do so.  Kiran said that she should go there one time, but then stopped and said she forgot she was underage because she drank so much.

          Puck was surprised that she was underage and said I'll have to change that.  Liking the drink so much she tried to finish it off, but now she had the effect of a full intoxication.  Kiran got a little nervous because she had an evocation class soon.  When Kiran found out that she had only two minutes to get to class she tried to hurry people out the door, and she ended up saying people could come by later when she didn't have class.  Puck thanked her for the invitation.  Kiran started to curse, another Fae had permission to go into her apartment.  Cursing as she left the door she was in Mudane Studies, to everyone's surprise.  She went to her seat screaming at herself and everyone just looked at her in shock.

          In Intermediate Evocation Studies, she tried to hide the fact that she wasn't sober, so she though she would go small and practice with discipline.  She was going to call six shifts of power, but then there was a surge of energy and the magic she called out was far greater.  A voice asked her how much this meant to her and she wasn't sure what it was talking about, she thought it meant getting the spell out, so she said somewhat.  She turned to wind and was transported through the school, through the picture, into the library, and into the lab below it.  She also found out that Matt, Riki Maru, Evan, and Sarah had been too.

          There sat the mind controller.  He was a custodial staff member, which, in all actuality, made perfect sense.  The mind controller sized them up and when she saw him look towards Matt, Kiran went to run in front of him, but was leaped over by a large wolf that turned into a stronger version of the wolf hybrid that had previously attacked Sarah.  Riki Maru turned to shadow, Evan prepared himself and the mind controller looked at Sarah and with a flick of his finger a needle scrapped Sarah and had some of her blood on it.  Kiran tried to catch it but wasn't quick enough.  The mind controller started a spell so that he could control Sarah, so Kiran made her attack stopping the progress of the spell.  Matt took another whack at the mind controller and he looked like he would keel over at any point.  Evan protected Matt with a spell, and after making a call shot to go through his ribcage to puncture something greater (Matt has torn a lot of his flesh off), she got to his heart with her ninja claws and felt glass break.

          There was an explosion but Sarah and Kiran were transported somewhere else with a hot looking guy saying that Puck said his daughter wanted to meet him.  Kiran remembered the boy that Sarah was going a little crazy over and she shook her head, when reality hit her, she asked if everyone was alright.  The guy, Conor, said there were mixed results.  After being so close to Matt for four years now, Kiran started to panic.  That was when a huge squirrel the size of a Beuwick crawled down the tree in the center of the ground they were standing on.  Kiran asked if Conor would check if they were okay, and so Conor left to go look.

          Kiran started to cry in fear that something would happen to her and the giant squirrel handed her a photograph of a web, that, when she looked at it with the Sight, she was able to see that it was the Web of Fate and Matt still had a path on it.  The squirrel had left before she was able to thank him.  After a moment of looking around, Kiran was able to place that Sarah and her were at the base of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.  Things continued to overwhelm her, but all she wanted to do was see Matt.

          When Conor came back he said that everyone was alive but were in varying states of health.  Kiran asked Conor if he could take her to them, but he told her that they were all in different places, so she asked if he could take her to Matt.  Conor said he could get her close but he would not bring uninvited guests into a place, it would cause problems there.  So Conor took the two girls to a forest, but stayed at the tree they appeared by.  Sarah stayed with him so they could talk and Kiran headed off to find Matt.


To be continued …

Recovery [3080]
A Little R&R for Everyone


Wednesday, August 23rd, 3080

          Kiran was determined to find Matt in the forest, she had spent a long time going in circles so finally decided to use The Sight and she saw that there were forest spirits trying to deter her from going in the right direction.  Summonning wind magic to help guide her, she was able to overcome their tricks and made it deeper into the woods.  Soon Kiran came face to face with a bear and she knew she was either going to be able to talk to it or get mauled.  So, because it was a magical forest, she started to talk to it.  At one point they glared at each other and Kiran lost.  It pointed a claw at the ground telling her to sit so she walked over to it and sat.  It got up and she got up, it looked at her and she sat back down.  A few moments later an Amazoness-looking woman came up to her.  The woman asked Kiran if she knew she was on sacred ground and Kiran told her no.  When the woman asked what she was doing her, Kiran told her that she had come to make sure that Matt was okay.  

          The Amazoness walked over to a tree and used a magic to create a window-like spell and when Kiran walked over to it, she could see that Matt was in bad shape.  Blaming herself she fell to the ground crying and stayed there for a while.  Before she left the Amazoness told her to be careful of taking all the blame.

          When Kiran made it back to the other two, Conor asked her if she wanted to go anywhere, at first she said no but then she changed her mind.  Kiran asked Conor if he would take her to Edenfield Park Cemetery.  Conor said he couldn't get that close but they went to a national park.  It was about a two hour drive so Kiran was about to walk it but then Conor picked up a stone and started to talk to it.  Then a voice came into her head and asked her if she wanted to go to the cemetery and she said yes.  The ground came up around her and in a few seconds she went off to find her brother's lot.

          Sarah and Conor were hungry and Conor said that Italian food sounded good, so they appeared in Italy.  They went to the historic restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Castel Monastero.

          Sarah and Kiran got back to school about the same time and when they got there, there were looks of concern, angery, and confusion.  Kiran went to go talk to Luccio, moving as slowly as she could.  One of the people asked where she had been the whole time, and Kiran asked what he meant.  The guy asked her what day she thought it was and she said Wednesday or Thursday, it was early Friday morning.


Friday, August 25th, 3080

          It hit her when Kiran started to freak out that there were two others in the fight and Kiran asked where Riki Maru and Evan was.  The boy told them that Riki Maru was in the nurses' office and Evan in his room.  Kiran ran as quickly as she could to Evan's room and started banging on the door.  Evan answered the door at three o'clock in the morning confused.  Kiran hugged him and asked if he was okay.  Evan said he was and when she asked about Riki Maru, he had been hurt critically.

          Kiran then proceeded to run like a crazed woman to the nurses' office.  She was met by Maxwell, who said she couldn't go back and see him without hurting.  Kiran was confused and so Maxwell threw a metal coin and then there was a zap from around her.  He said that there was so much electricity around her that it would destroy the machines helping Riki Maru.  Then Maxwell said that she needed some help and Kiran tried to play it off that she was fine but then she was guided over to a bed and he cast a circle to remove the electricity but she still had some static.

          Then, the time had come.  Kiran had to talk to Luccio, she dragged her feet all the way there and then, after feeling static shock, she knocked on the door.  Luccio came to the door in a nightgown and then the two head to her desk.  Kiran didn't make eye contact with the woman at all and asked if she could miss classes today to get caught up with everything, Luccio gave her permission.  When she was asked to recall the experience she told her everything about what happened except for where she went after the national park.  Luccio said what they fought was probably a golem and then Luccio told her that she had to know where she went and Kiran yelled at her and stormed out of her office.  

          Kiran punched a locker and once she noticed it had blood on it, she cleaned it up a bit.  Then a shadow started to talk to Kiran, asking what did the locker do to her.  Kiran tried to figure out who it was then linked it to Riki Maru.  Apparently the shadow was twelve years old and didn't have a name.  Kiran said, if he wanted one, that she would think of one.

          Because the battle had messed up her phone, Kiran was going to replace it but first she went to her room, took a shower, and changed her outfit.  She turned into a breeze and made it at Red Rover about 5:20 am and it opened at 6.  So she waited outside.  The guy that worked there came about 5:45 am and she asked if he could replace her phone, he said that he could get it done by after breakfast.  

          Kiran went back to the school to eat breakfast and there were a lot of rumors going around and one of them was so funny that she busted out laughing.  It wasn't until she noticed Matt's seat was empty that she decided to leave.  Kiran arrived early to Red Rover and she got her phone.  She had time to kill before she had to go work at the arcade so she decided to go to the Fourth Way Station but not before calling Shames and apologizing, she asked him what time he would be eating lunch and asked if he wanted to meet at Hilltop.

          There, Kiran ended up playing chess with an old man named Durenal.  He told her about what was going on around town but when he questioned if the town had a mayor his eyes glazed over and he forgot the conversation.  This perked Kiran's interest and so did some of the other places he told her about.  After she headed to Hilltop and was going to wait for Shames.  She noticed Bill, Matt's alpha and ran over to him asking how Matt was.  He wasn't sure who she was until she introduced herself as Cody.  After hearing that he was getting better, she asked Bill if he knew who Matt was dating and, even with puppy-dog eyes, he told her he wasn't going to tell her.

          Shames came in and the three started to talk, Kiran received a call from a panicky Sarah who said she wanted to talk and they agreed to do so at Galactic, then Bill left, and Kiran started yelling about Puck and Shames asked if they could have a private room, where Kiran told him everything that happened except for going to her brother.  Kiran asked if Shames wanted to go to the museum tomorrow, she was told it had acquired some really old items and it was when it was showcasing them.  They agreed to go the next day, and then Kiran made a comment about wanting to talk to the Winter Knight and Shames said he was in the bar.  

          When Shames left, Kiran asked Mafune if she could talk to him and he said not here.  So she followed him, they got on his motorcycle, and they ended up at Under the Hill.  The two got a private room and Kiran informed him that she was going to help with the Outsider issue, and that she would revenge her brother.  Mafune told her more about the Outsider, they called it the Adversary but his name was Nemisis.  Kiran asked how long had he known her brother and he said for six years and that he started working with him two months before his death.  It wasn't until Mafune was gone that Kiran realized that her brother was still working for him.

          Sarah went to her room and slept until second period.  When she went to Mr. Misomoto's class, she didn't see Kiran and when she made it to Magical History, she decided to skip it because, again, she didn't see Kiran.  On her way to exit the school Luccio stopped Sarah and asked her some questions.  Sarah got very paranoid, and at one point Luccio was asking for Conor's number.  Sarah said she left it in her room, so Luccio followed her to her room.  Sarah told Luccio that she couldn't find the number (she slid the number in her bra when Luccio wasn't looking) and Luccio asked if she could look and Sarah agreed.  Luccio thanked her and went on her way and Sarah left to St. Matthew's Church.

          She was trying to get mental help from Father Alexander and he helped a bit but she left before he could ask any more pressing details.  Then Sarah called Kiran and said they needed to talk because Luccio was asking too many questions and why did she want Conor's number?  They agreed to talk at Galactic.

          The two arrived at Galactic and worked for a while, in the break room the two talked, and Kiran noticed Sarah was slightly off and asked her if she was okay, Sarah said she was fine.  When Sarah said she didn't want to tell Luccio her secret Kiran noticed at divination spell and told Sarah that Luccio had been spying on her, which didn't seem to help the situation.The two finished up the day at work and then went back to the school.  Kiran was up working on her board because there was a lot on her mind.  


Saturday, August 26th, 3080

          The next morning Kiran saw Matt and she hugged him and cried, saying she was sorry.  He told it was okay, and that we'd get the mind controller.  They ate breakfast, Kiran did some homework, and then was off to Galactic.


To Be Continued …

A Museum Date [3080]
Kiran and Shames Sitting in a Tree


Saturday, August 26th, 3080

          After getting down to The Metropolis, Kiran started heading to Under the Hill.  Sarah and her were planning on getting a private room to discuss some important matters.  When they got the key from Harry they went into an office-looking room.  Kiran put up wards before they started to talk.  The first thing that was mention was that there was a civil war going on with the Wild Fae, specifically Brea's faction because people had found out that they didn't make their daughter decide on a court at eleven.  Kiran also told Sarah that the Outsider was happy that it was happening because it was causing chaos.  In return Sarah talked about Luccio some more.

          When the two were done, Kiran put down the wards, gave Harry back his key, and the two girls headed towards Galatic for a day of work.  When they got there the two went straight to work.  The day was pretty normal except for two instances.  The first, the completely normal guy from the night class came in and Kiran went over to talk to him.  She asked him why he was he, didn't night class people sleep during the day?  He told her that he never slept, and she told him it was the same with her and he told her she should be careful with that.  It was his turn on the DDR machine so she watched him.  Lying she said she had to fix the machine so she could go on it, and very few people believed it, but one guy let her go ahead of him.  She was HORRIBLE at the game, and a few people laughed at it.  The machine wasn't working well after she was on it but all it needed was a wipe of a towel, which the normal guy managed to have on him.

          Kiran asked him for his name and he said he would give her what he was called by and it was Saul, and Kiran said it was similar to Solomon, and he told her that was not the allusion.  Sarah came over and started to intervene in the conversation, and when she found out that Saul was in the night class, Sarah told Saul that she liked her men dangerous.  Kiran's face turned red and she went back to fixing the machines.  Using a spell to send a whisper on the wind, she sent the message "asshole" to Sarah, and Sarah merely replied with a "I know."  Fix looked at the two and he pointed to the curse jar and Kiran put a quarter in it then returned to work.  Fix went to both of the girls and told them to keep personal stuff out of work, then continued going on.

          The second thing that happened was that Maggy, Mouse, Ivy, and Kincaid entered the arcade.  Kiran stayed with the machines and Sarah went to talk to them.  When Sarah had left the group, Kiran went up to Ivy and asked her what she knew about her brother.  All she said was it was tragic, and that was enough for her.  She thanked Ivy and went back to the machines, and put her forehead on one and closed her eyes.  The mage with a bong from the Fourth Way Station, went over to her and asked if she was alright.  Kiran lied, saying she was perfectly fine.  He said he hoped it got better, and then Kiran went back to work.

          After work Kiran changed into more professional attire for the museum display.  Shames came up on his motorcycle.  He told her that if he knew that she was going to wear a dress he'd have brought the car.  Kiran told him that she liked the bike better.  She hopped on and they made their way to the museum.  When they got there, there were four artifacts that had been recovered.  The Embassary's Mask, which was a demonic looking mask; The Blade of Sacrifice, which was a knife that radiated evil energy; The Protector's Belt, which was a wide, solid leather belt; and The Scabbard of the Devout, a sheath made from human leather.  All of the artifacts were behind glass with armed security guards.

          Kiran contemplated using The Sight on them but ended up not doing so.  Instead she looked around just in case someone was here to get them, and her instincts might have been on to something.  There were three men, they were hard to identify for some unknown reason, so she went to Shames and told him that she was going to do something stupid.  Walking to the closest one, she pretended she was a reporter for her school newspaper, and wanted to know his response to the museum's new display.  He said he had no words and left.  It made Kiran suspicious, so she went to the second one, and just as she was about to talk to him, her vision filled with a mind fog and she couldn't see.

          Shames grabbed her and pulled her to the floor when gun fire erupted.  Kiran confirmed that no one could see, and then she cast a large spell to stop the bullet from hitting anything and felt exhausted after it.  Shames lied and said he was with Monarch security and that backup was on their way.  There was running after that and soon after, vision returned to everyone.  Kiran and Shames performed triage and waited for the police to show up.  When they got there, the two gave their statements, and at some point after that, Kiran passed out.

          After work Sarah wanted to go see her foster parents and flew there.  She knocked on the door and her mother opened up.  Sarah asked if she could talk to Samuel, and Deena said that he was asleep and that he could talk to him after church tomorrow.  Sarah asked what church they went to and she told her St. Matthews.  Sarah flew back to the city, and fell asleep on a bench outside St. Matthews.


Sunday, August 27th, 3080

          Sarah woke up and she was sleeping on a cot inside of St. Matthews.  She noticed clothes that were donations, and she changed into a new outfit.  When she walked down the hallway, she saw a large black man and Sarah asked him where Father Alexander was and he pointed to an office, Sarah thanked him, and knocked on the door, which opened.  She asked if he was the one who brought her in, and Father Alexander said it was Sanya, the black, Russian man she had previously seen.  Sarah thanked the Father, and went and badgered Sanya with an array of questions, then she left to see if her parents were here.  Only Samuel was but she also saw Saul.  She asked him more questions on the mind controller, and he told her a little more information.

          Sarah left out of the back entrance before the sermon started and headed to Galactic, and she noticed that Kiran wasn't there.

          When Kiran woke up she looked around and didn't know where she was.  She was wearing the dress from the night before.  She got up and started to look around and Shames told her there was a shower.  She turned bright red and asked what happened.  Apparently, after passing out he brought her back to his place.  She started to worry about not being at the arcade and Shames told her that he got it cleared up with Fix, and he handed her a letter from him.  When she was done, he told her that he got a change of clothes from the mall, and feeling happy she went and took a shower and soon after she went back to sleep in his bed and he slept out on the couch.

          He got her to the bus stop early in the morning.


Monday, August 28th, 3080

          Sarah and Kiran went to the cafeteria and saw each other.  Sarah asked why Kiran wasn't at the arcade.  Kiran told her that when she went to the museum with Shames there was an attack and then at some point she passed out.  Sarah antagonized saying if she just wanted to spend the night with Shames that she should have said that.  Words fumbled, and it just lead to Kiran's embarrassment.  Then Henrettia said that she wasn't sure if he liked tomboys.  Kiran told her that she wasn't a tomboy, and then they all looked at her and told her that she had dressed as a boy for four years.  So they determined she was genderfluid, and at the time Kiran had given up.  Sarah said another smart comment and Kiran threw something at her, and Jesse caught it and gave it back.  Jesse said if she needed help with genderfluidness that he could help.

          At some point, time hit Kiran and she screamed no and ran to her room.  She had missed the appointment with Mifune.  She went to bust through the door of her apartment.  Matt asked what the matter was and Kiran told him what had happened.  She called him on her phone and apologized for what happened and asked if they could meet later today at Under the Hill, Mifune said yes.

          The two girls went to Mundane Studies, and towards the end of class Kiran remembered that she had class with Luccio next and she put her hand on her head and started to mope, Jesse asked if he had said something wrong and she said that it was her next class that was bothering her.  Everyone looked confused.  When she went to the next class Kiran tried to avoid all eye contact with Luccio.  Closer to the end of class, Luccio asked Kiran if she could speak to her when class was over and Kiran nodded.  Luccio had acquired all the information on her brother's death, some of which confirmed what Mifune told her.

          In Magical History they went over The Ways, and they briefly talked about vampire history.  Florance told the class that they had a guest for next class who would elaborate on vampire history, Lord Thrum.  Lord Thrum was a baron of the Summer Court.  When class was over, Kiran dragged Sarah to her apartment and told Sarah that she needed to skip the next class of Magical History.  She didn't need to be caught by another Fae, there was already enough trouble in the Wild Court.  Sarah said she had a lot of experience with Fae here in the school and she listed out some of them, one being Puck.  Matt was there and so Kiran told him that she accidently gave him permission to come to their apartment when she wasn't in class.  He told her that he figured that out, he had captured Puck in a magical circle and that was when he figured.  Sarah gave a maybe on skipping class the next day.  Then Kiran was off to meet Mifune.

          Kiran met Mifune at Under the Hill and they got a private room.  He activated the wards, and they talked a little bit about miscellaneous information before she asked him what her brother was doing before he died.  Apparently he was following up on a rumor about someone resembling Lawrence, an European male who overdressed himself and whom was both a Red Court vampire and a wizard.  He worked for the Adversary.  He was said to frequent The Drink in the docks, and had been a representative of the bar owners in the past.  Mifune said that prior to her brother's death, that he had suggested to her brother that she go because she was caught up in drugs and other such activities but Cody made Mifune promise that he would not go up to her about this information.  Kiran said she would look into the rumor.

Despair [3080]
Loneliness, Sadness, Sorrow


Monday, August 28th, 3080

          After talking to Mifune, Kiran decided that she would arm herself before going to The Drink so she found a pawn shop, Mega Pawn, near Under the Hill.  She asked if they had brass knuckles and the owner said that they had rings and paperweights, brass knuckles were illegal.  When she looked at the paperweights, they were brass knuckles.  Kiran asked if she could try them out and she evaluated each piece until she found one that she really liked.  She tried to flirt with the pawn-man to get the prices to lower, he stood firm at 200 dollars but he said that they glowed in moonlight.

          Kiran paid for the knuckles and then looked around and saw a leather jacket that she really liked.  When she tried it on, it didn't fit right because it was made for a man and she had boobs.  She asked the owner if he would hold this for a day for her because she might be able to find someone to make alterations to it.  He told her there was a small fee and she paid it then left.  When Kiran got back to school she went back to her room where she saw Matt sitting in front of her board, and she smelled gasoline.  She asked him what was wrong and Matt told her that she was starting to get a little in over her head and that he needed to know if she was okay, and what she was planning.  Kiran told him that she was okay, but on the threat of him burning her work, she started to confess everything that was going on.  When the issue was dealt with she went back to work on the board.

          Sarah thought it would be a good idea to track Matt to see who his boyfriend was, and so she followed him through the school, down to the city and she lost sight of him at a landfill.  She couldn't find him after that and when she tried to retrace her steps, she ended up at the docks and near the bar, The Drink.  She saw Sayna, whom she turned into a human for and asked him what was going on.  Sayna told her to leave and she asked why and the Russian man told her things might get a little hectic.  After that he pulled guns out of his car and started to walk towards the bar.  Sarah tried to creep up on the man with guns, and he ended up shooting her once.  At the end of the night she made it to Under the Hill where Caska and Florance were having a date. 

          When Caska saw that she had a gunshot wound, he went and grabbed the first aid kit.  He asked her if she could handle the pain or did he have to knock her out first, jokingly she said knock her out but before she could take it back, she was unconscious.  She woke up the next morning in her room, all better.


Tuesday, August 29th, 3080

          The next morning, Kiran went to the dean's office to see if she could get a carry permit for her brass knuckles, because the school allowed weapons but they had to be concealed to do so.  She went to the receptionist and asked for permission as she turned in the paperwork that the dean asked for when she came out as Kiran.  The receptionist asked her why she wanted to have the knuckles and she told her self defense.  When the receptionist looked at the brass knuckles she did a spell to identify it and told Kiran only to use it when she wanted to kill someone.  Before Kiran could ask more questions, the next person was called into the room and she was kicked out.

          The two girls made it to breakfast and Kiran asked if anyone knew how to alter a leather jacket and Jesse said he did, and Kiran asked him if he would.  He told her to bring the jacket, give him her measurements and pay for the leather and he would, she agreed to bring it to him that night.  Jesse told Kiran that she should work on her whispering and then Kiran went to the teacher's lounge and asked for Mr. Lassiter's office hours.  It had come to her mind the night before that this guy looked almost identical to the description of Lawrence that Mifune gave her so she was going to go see if she could snoop out information from him.

          Luckily for her, Mr. Lassiter's office hours were during breakfast and so she went to visit him.  Apparently he taught advanced evocation for the night class.  She tried to probe him with basic questions to see if she could gain some information then she stated that she wanted to become part of his night class.  She felt that in becoming a diplomat that she would have to work with all sorts of people and she had also been wanting to take an advanced evocation class.  Mr. Lassiter told Kiran that in order to do that she would have to get permission from Luccio because he wanted to make sure that she wouldn't die in the process of the class and Kiran told him that she would get a note from her.

          That day was the school's club festival and second period was cancelled for that day so people could have a long list of things to do.  So after she was done eating she explored the booths of the festival for a bit.  As people were setting up, Kiran asked if they needed help and she aided those whom did.  Then she looked into the chess club, thinking of her friend in the Fourth Way Station, she looked at the craft club, because that was an area that she was skilled in, and she looked into the student council.  She gathered her information and then started to head to Intermediate Evocation early.  

          Kiran texted Sarah before Intermediate Evocation that she please not go to the next class.  She got no reply.  In Intermediate Evocation, Kiran asked Luccio about joining the night evocation class.  After a small discussion Luccio agreed to it and told her that she would write a note.  Kiran practiced magics while Sarah was in P.E. doing hurdles.  Kiran waited outside of Magical History class to make sure that Sarah wasn't going to go in, and she thought she was good until she went into the classroom and Sarah was sitting at her desk.  Kiran yelled at Sarah saying that it was her choice and that didn't break the promise on her part.

          Sarah said she had to attend to an emergency before class started and when she had permission to go, she walked out of the door and into the centaur, Lord Thrum.  They met for a moment then the two parted and Sarah left and Lord Thrum went in.  Sarah returned to class later and Lord Thrum gave his history lesson.  After class, Kiran asked Lord Thrum if there would be any trouble caused if a Red Court Vampire reappeared, and he told her that it wouldn't be a problem for her on their end, but it might be an issue for the White Council.  After that, Kiran left and glared at Sarah in the process.

          Kiran didn't go to dinner, rather she went down to the city got her leather jacket and brought it to Jesse's room.  After that she went to her room, spiffed up the circle and summoned Puck.  She told him that his daughter wasn't listening to her and that it was causing a lot more problems than it needed to have.  She asked Puck if he could punch Sarah, and he warned that she might punch back.  Puck said that there was one major thing that she did wrong and that was Kiran told Sarah not to go to class, he said that bribing or making deals would work a lot better.  So Kiran asked if she could get in contact with Conor and Puck said he didn't have her number so when she handed her number to him, she broke the circle and Puck put her table on her chairs to teach her a lesson for the future, don't break circles.  Then Puck said that he had some things to do and left.

          After Puck left, Kiran gathered some supplies and casted a spell on her knuckles that their power would not activate until the given word was spoken.  It took her a while to set it up and then she was able to do that.  She then proceeded to stay up working on her detective's board.

          Sarah waited until Lord Throm went to the lunchroom and she took her food and stood by him, asking him questions about Fae in general and then she accidently let it slip that she wasn't apart of a court and then she left to explore the school a little bit.

          After exploring for a bit, Sarah tripped and when she looked down, Puck had tied her shoelaces together.  Puck told Sarah that Kiran had summoned him and that she was somewhat concerned.  He told her that he talked with Lord Thrum and that she should consider making wiser choices.  Then he told her that he needed to get in contact with Conor and left.

          That night Kiran decided to go to The Drink to see if she could gather information on Lawrence.  When she arrived she asked if the bartender looked at licenses and he said he looked at them, so Kiran showed her outdated one and he told her that she needed to get the information updated and gave her a drink.  She looked around, and there was one guy that was staring at her, one red-head, and a few other guys who were looking at her.  A guy came up and flirted with her a little bit, bought her a drink, and asked what she liked, and she said red-heads, so he left.

          There was a biker that came in soon after that she somewhat recognized but was unsure of whom it was.  She continued to look around and saw a woman walk in the bar and sit with the redhead.  Hoping that the person was Lawrence, she asked if the guy was single and the bartender said no, and she acted disappointed.  Then she went over to the guy who was giving her the creeps, and started to talk to him.  She found out that his name was Smith or Mr. Johnson, and she knew that was codeword for a hired killer.  She asked if he had any information that she could have and he said it came at a cost but it depended on what she wanted to know.  She asked for a man that described Lawrence and he told her that, Kevin, the bartender would know more than he did.

          When she asked the bartender for such information, he said that was something that he'd share after closing time.  Then the woman left, that was with the redhead and Kiran went to him.  She tried to ask him a couple of questions, and he asked for what reason did she want to know and she told him curiosity, so he told her no, then she told him revenge, and he asked her if they knew what they said about revenge, and she said that it is best served cold and he said no, that you have to dig two graves.  She asked if there were people that he'd give the world for and the man said yes, and then she asked him if he'd get revenge for them, he said no, he would go kill a God, then he left.

          Upon closing time she waited an hour to get the information and then she found that he only gave information when it came to gold and jewels, she asked about how much that would cost and he told her to start with the price of a wedding ring. 


Wednesday, August 30th, 3080

          Kiran went to breakfast, and talked with the normal crowd, then left for the dojo to train with Riki Maru.  Sarah ate by herself and was avoiding others.  Sarah decided to go to the boiler room during her open period and Iliana had come to paint a picture and said goodbye to Sarah, saying that she'd see her in Mundane Studies.  Kiran didn't really eat at lunch and Sarah tried to sit by herself and then Riki Maru tried to comfort her by sitting close.  Sarah noticed that Iliana had painted a picture of her and asked if she did that often without people's permission.  Iliana asked if she had to pay Sarah for being in the picture and Sarah told her no, that she liked it, then went towards second period.

          The two girls didn't talk to each other but Sarah was wanting to get the work done in Mundane Studies because Mr. Misomoto threatened her if she wanted him to suggest her being held back a year.  After that class, Sarah spent the rest of the day in the boiler room and met some other kids that came there around third and fourth period.  One of them being a girl named Malifena, who looked like a guy.

          Conor texted Kiran, asking her what she needed from him.  Kiran replied that she needed to get some help with Sarah and a way to get through to her was with him.  She said she'd get permission for him to come and talk to her and they would meet Thursday morning at sun-up.  That night Kiran went into the city, bought a grand worth of jewels and gold and then went to meet Conor in the morning.


Thursday, August 31th, 3080

          Kiran met up with Conor and talked to him about Sarah, and then she stopped by and she got mad at the two and the two didn't understand.  So Conor went after Sarah and asked her if she was hungry for breakfast and she said yes, the two went to Red Lobster, and then talked some.

          Later on Sarah asked Kiran why she had gotten Conor to come and Kiran told her that she'd probably act sensible when she had something to care for.

          At the end of the day Kiran opened the door to her apartment a woman was standing there.  She told Kiran that they needed to talk.  Enough people had expressed concern and now she was looking into it.  She told Kiran that she needed some help because at some point her search would consume her and no one knew what the breaking point would be and who would be hurt by it.  Kiran denied that she had a problem and so the councilor asked then, if she wanted to talk about the board or her brother.  Magical energy was released from her and she hexed every electronic device near her.  At that point she decided to talk about the board.  The councilor asked if she had gotten help with her board and Kiran told her yes, then Kiran remembered the Fae that were supposed to give her information for the pizza.  So she ran to the dojo, the councilor following, and she asked them to give her the information.  They ratted her out that she had gotten shiny stuff for information, but they gave her a map, microfilm, and told her that the person was called Huck or Huckleberry and that he worked swing shifts.  Kiran tried to race the councilor to her room to lock her out but the woman beat her there and asked some more questions before leaving.


Friday, September 1st, 3080

          The girls rekindled their odd friendship.  Kiran got her altered leather jacket from Jesse at breakfast and school went normal.  After classes there was a field trip to Under the Hill.  Everyone from Mundane Studies was there, that meant the night class too.  Kiran was going to leave and go to the arcade because she didn't have any money, but Jesse told her that he'd pay for her, then Iliana said she'd pay for everyone.  Kiran was starting to fall asleep so she asked Harry if he had something to keep her up, and he offered Ranger's Pudding and she accepted it.  Kiran was so hyper after that, she was shaking, and glaring at Nelfelhiem.  

          Kiran talked to Mifune about her small update on the case and then texted Shames and told him that she was at Under the Hill if he wanted to come join and he told her that he'd be there in a few.  Sarah decided to call Conor to see if he wanted to join them, and Conor said he was on his way.  The girls ended up going on dates.

          When their date was done, Kiran told Shames that she was going to do something stupid and he told her that he'd go with her.  She told him that she was going to go to The Drink and get some information, so he told her that they needed to stop by his place so he could change and then they could go.  Kiran looked around his apartment while he changed and when he came out, he was the guy he could almost identify at The Drink the other night.

          The two went to the drink and Kiran paid for more information then the two separated and Kiran went back to the school.  When Kiran got back Sarah was outside her door drinking coffee and told Kiran that there was a woman in her apartment, and Kiran didn't want to go in, so they went to Sarah's apartment.  There was a note for Sarah from Rufus saying that he went to Kiran's apartment and so Kiran and Sarah finally went to her apartment.

          When they walked in, Kiran couldn't see her board and she lost her shit.  She started to scream at everyone.  She wanted to know where her board was.  In the process, the councilor was recording this on video and so Kiran attacked her electronics with electricity.  When she was told by the group that her board hadn't moved she used her Sight and the illusion had broke.  She had a vision, then she fell to the floor trying to recover.  The first thing Kiran did was try to go to her room, but Matt told her that he wouldn't let her and that she needed to talk to the people.  She went and got candy and sat on the farthest side of the couch and they moved closer to her.  After a bit of talking the councilor and Rufus left, Jesus showed up, and then Sarah turned into a kitten trying to cheer Kiran up.  Kiran grabbed Sarah and walked outside and sat and pet her the rest of the night.


Saturday, September 2nd, 3080

          That morning, Kiran sent Sarah to go get changed, Kiran bathed and tried to work on her board a little bit before Sarah started to bang on the door half asleep.  The two went to the arcade and when they arrived, Sarah saw John, she went to thump him on the head, and he cut her deeply with his dagger.  Fix broke up the fight and Kiran took Sarah to the back and bandaged her up.  Fix took over that and told her to dump the boy in the river, she asked if he was dead and Fix told her no, that he needed some oxygen and he'd be fine.  Kiran took him down the street and put a spell on him that gave him air through his lungs, and after dodging an attack, she left for the Arcade.

          With how Sarah was acting, Kiran told Fix that she'd take over the counter, and he agreed.  Sarah was changed to cleaning duties, and Karin put on a facade that everything was alright.  Fix brought food to them, and Kiran said she was fine but Fix demanded that she eat.  Malfina came into the arcade and talked to Sarah for a minute, and after she left, Sarah was in tear in a corner and Kiran came to console her.  Fix told the girls that they should go home and go to sleep.  Kiran was locked into a promise to try and they left.

          They started to walk away then Sarah and Kiran were separated.  Sarah was standing in front of Malfina, and she was telling her that it was so sad that none of her friends were there, it was like they were abandoning her.  Sarah was compelled to grab a shard of glass and finish what John had started by Sayna stopped her by throwing a dagger in her hand and attacking Malfina.  It was then that Kiran was able to find Sarah and she tried to make sure everything was okay.  When Malfina was dead, Sayna said he hated house Skavis vampires, which made sense because she was feeding off of despair.  He introduced himself as Knight of the Cross, Sword of Hope.



To be continued…

(Discrepencies May Be Present) 

The Kitten and The Girl
Everyone Needs a Nap


Saturday, September 2nd, 3080

          Sayna finished introducing himself and said that there had to be a better place to talk about what just happened.  Sarah snapped to, and Kiran asked if they could just leave a dead body on the streets.  Sayna asked what body she was talking about and when Kiran looked, there was only ash.  Apparently when vampires die, their age catches up to them.  After that, Kiran suggested St. Matthew's Church and Sayna agreed.  Kiran texted Conor and told him that Sarah was almost killed by a House Skavis vampire and that she might need someone to talk to about it. 

          The group made it there and for some reason Kiran was getting more and more tired.  At one point she passed out and Sayna caught her, and Sayna asked Sarah to go get her a cot and she was reluctant at first but she did.  After Sayna shot her, Sarah was not really sure of Sayna, and so tried to stay as far away as she could from him, even though he had expalin it wasn't her he was shooting at it was Malifena.  After Sayna left, Sarah turned into a kitten and fell asleep with Kiran.


Sunday, September 3rd, 3080

          Sarah woke up to organ music, and when she headed out to see what was going on, she saw Sunday Mass.  Paul Smith was in the choir and she saw her father, Samuel, and sat next to him on the pews.  She stayed through Mass, and when it was done she went to go eat.  Later she saw Conor and ran over to him.  Sarah asked him why he was here and Conor told her that Kiran had told him that she was attacked and he was checking in on her.  Sarah told him that Sayna helped her and Conor said that he'd have to thank him, when she asked why he told her because that meant she was still alive.  Sarah turned red and excused herself to the bathroom when Conor told her the obvious fact.  She returned when she calmed down, but still turned a little red.  Sarah told Conor that she had to go to work at the arcade and Conor told her that he'd walk her halfway.

          Kiran woke up and tried to recall where she was at, and when she did, she looked around and saw some black fur where Sarah had slept with her on the cot.  She patted down her pockets to see if she had her cell phone on her but saw it in a cubby nearby.  She grabbed it an looked at the time, it was only 10 something in the morning.  Kiran walked out to the end of the choir and watched from afar, Father Alexander start the morning sermen.  She wasn't a religious person but she listened to him talk about mercy.  Before it was done, she whispered to herself, "Who forgave Judas?" and when the sermon was over, started to leave for Galactic.  She saw Paul walking towards her and she nodded, he said hi, and went into the room she was previously in.  Kiran peeked in and saw Paul changing, she blushed and left the building.

          Kiran made it to Galactic early and Fix asked her to help him put things together for the opening.  Sarah made it there ten minutes before scheduled time.  So they all started to work on basic things.  Sarah was a lot more happier today at the counter, and didn't make children cry.  At one point Maggy and Mouse came into the arcade and after a little bit of gaming, the girl went to the ticket counter and turned in some tickets for a large, dog stuffed animal.  Maggy asked how Sarah was doing and she told her eh, and Maggy suggested petting Mouse, that made everything better.  Mouse put his two paws on the counter and pulled his head close to Sarah and Sarah pet it.  Then the two went to the crane machine.

          Maggy had won a stuffed animal identical to the one Kiran had won a while ago, and when she heard Mouse growling at it and Maggy look at it with The Sight, she asked what was wrong.  Maggy told Kiran to follow her and they got Fix and went to the office.  Maggy asked Fix if he got a new supplier and he said no and asked why.  Then Kiran looked at the doll with The Sight she had a vision and she understood.  She asked them what it meant and Fix explained what he got from it.

          Sarah joined the group and Fix asked her to put a closed sign on the crane machine section of the arcade and she did so.  When she came back she asked her what was wrong and Kiran told her that there were demonic dolls.  Sarah said she wanted to get one, and headed for the crane machines and Kiran followed her.  Sarah turned into a squirrel and tried to go into a machine but Kiran grabbed her by the tail.  Sarah tried to bite her but Kiran got a better grasp of her.  Sarah said something in squirrel form and then turned back into herself.

          Sarah asked Kiran why she was trying to stop her and Kiran told her that Conor probably wouldn't want her putting herself in a position where she could hurt herself, he agreed.  When Kiran saw Conor was there she went back to the room with Fix to talk more about the dolls and Conor talked to Sarah.  Conor said, with permission, that he'd be willing to help and so the two went back to Fix and asked if he could help.  Fix asked the two to take the dolls out of the machine, and Fix told Conor that he couldn't break the machines.  He told Fix he'd put them back together.  So Conor went back to the crane machine area and took the machines apart, the dolls went to the wall, and he asked Sarah if they had a cart and she went and got one.

          When all the dolls were in the cart, Sarah asked if she could take one, and said if she could.  So she tried to pick one up and it wouldn't budge so she had a pouty face and took them to Fix.

          A little while later Saul came into the arcade and it was when Kiran was on one of her breaks and she walked over to him.  He was playing DDR.  She was talking to him a bit and she told him that it was pretty cool how he could play that, she wasn't quite sure how to, and he told her that practice would make her better.  Then he told her to join her on the pad square and let a second player join it.  He put it on the easiest mode for her and she did okay on it.  He told her to come back when she was on her next break and she agreed.

          On her next break Kiran went back to the DDR machine and she tried again, this time she got a C average, that made her happy.  Then Kiran asked Saul if he was in Advanced Evocation for the night class and he told her he was.  She told him that she would be joining that class and that she would like to get some information on it before she joined Wednesday.  He told her Monday night/Tuesday morning that he would be willing to meet up with her and go over some things, and she agreed.  She asked him if he had a cellphone and he told her that he didn't, so she gave him her apartment number.

          The night came and the girls went back to school and Sarah went to sleep.  Kiran went in her room and saw Matt reading a book.  She didn't say anything to him, went to her room, grabbed a throw blanket, curled up next to him and cried.  She told him that she was scared not to be busy, to not have something to do.  That gave her time to think and she didn't want that.  She wanted to make relations with others, but she was so scared that they were fleeting, that she didn't want to get hurt again.  He talked with her and she fell asleep on him.


Monday, September 4th, 3080

          When she woke up that morning, she had a faint memory of being chased by something in her dream and Matt was slightly off, and she said that she was going to check on the doll in her room.  It was shred to pieces, Kiran asked Matt if he did that and he said that he wasn't sure and told her that he was going to go back to sleep.  Kiran went into the room and burnt all of the pieces, went to Matt's room, got him a blanket, took all her sheets to the washroom to purify, and made Matt some breakfast for when he did wake up since he'd be missing breakfast.

          When Kiran went to breakfast, she asked Henrettia or Evan if he knew what happened, after she explained this morning, and asked if they could help.  A familiar face, Charlie came up to the group and said he overheard what she said and told her that he was the Thurge for the pack.  He told Kiran that a Wyrm Spirit had chased her in her dreams and that Matt tried to attack it to protect her, and did so alone so he tired herself out.  Sarah started to talk about Kiran's crazy board and Kiran when to hit Sarah but Charlie blocked it and turned into one of his wereforms.  So then Kiran mustered up a wind attack and sent Sarah flying backwards, but something caught her when Charlie whistled.  All of the wind stopped in the school and Charlie told Kiran that she didn't want to fight a magical battle with him and that his beta just fought a spirt of vengence and so she didn't need to give it a reason to come back with her.  Interally, Kiran agreed but she walked off to the dojo where Riki Maru just set up a heavy punching bag and let her go at it.

          Kiran went to class during first period and Sarah went back to sleep.  At lunch, Sarah went to the lunchroom, Kiran went to her room and checked on Matt.  When she opened the door to her apartment, Kiran saw Charlie and Matt talking.  Kiran didn't make eye contact with Charlie but went to see if Matt was okay.  Charlie left, and Matt told her he was doing okay.  Kiran chided and told him that he shouldn't have done it alone, and if she was to do something like that alone, he couldn't get mad at her.  He told her that if he was asleep, which most of the time he wasn't, that he'd take that into consideration.  Kiran told Matt that she had attacked Sarah, and he asked why.  She told him that Sarah started to talk about her board, and Matt said everyone already knew.  When she asked how, Matt told her the school was like a high school and small town all in one and people had come over to visit a few times and saw it.  Matt told her that he was going to go get food and Kiran told him that she'd be there in a few minutes.

          When Matt left, she started to work on her board and she had no intention of going to the cafeteria.  There was foreign writing on the boards, and ultimately it asked what she was trying to investigate, and she wrote a reply of how it all fit into the war and if it was even related.  At some point Matt opened the door and asked if Kiran was planning to come to the lunchroom, Kiran lied and said she had lost track of time.  Matt told her that there was a clock right above the board, she told him that they might need to lower it, trying to get out of trouble.  He told her okay, grabbed the clock down, tore part of the board that had no writing on it, which Kiran's draw dropped for it, and he put the clock where she could see it better.  Then the two left for the lunchroom.

          After lunch Sarah and Kiran went to second period and Mr. Misomoto was a few minutes late to class.  Sarah asked if what he did was for the school and was it dangerous.  He told her kinda and possibly.  Kiran then asked if it had to do with what she met with the staff that morning about and he said yes.  Kiran asked him if he could meet with him after class and he told her sure.  After that class started.  Mr. Misomoto asked if everyone had their reports on the field trip and both Sarah and Kiran did.  Kiran got some basic information after class, and then she went to go work on her board.  Sarah went to the boiler room.

          When Kiran got back to her room, her board wasn't there but instead a few other boards of divided information, categorizing everything so it was a lot more clearer.  There were different color markers, different color strings, different color thumbtacks, and writing on the boards.  Kiran looked at it and figured out it was Mr. Misomoto who did it, previously he was a private investigator.  So Kiran went around to each of them and read them, as made some more notes before going to class.

          When Sarah got there she saw the Guidance Counselor.  The room had been cleaned up, there was no more buds, graffiti, and such.  The Guidance Counselor told Sarah that she should leave in ten to fifteen minutes if she wanted to be in class on time.  Sarah stayed a little bit longer.  She had wondered if Malifena had fed from others but she didn't have that kind of school information and there were no rumors to confirm it.  There, though, had been rumors of people going to the city and not coming back.  Sarah made it to third period a few minutes late.

          Then the two met up again in Magical History where they went over some more famous people and a case of Thaumaturgy gone wrong in Chicago a while back.

The Promise [3080]
You Do Know What You Signed Up for Right?


Monday, September 4th, 3080

          Sarah goes to dinner while Kiran goes back to her apartment and works on her boards.  Sarah, seeing that Kiran wasn't there, grabbed her tray and went to the Kiran's apartment.  When Kiran heard a knock a door she opened it to see Sarah and she let her come in, telling her she could have made her dinner if she was going to come here.  Kiran had come to the conclusion of wanting to go gather information on the artifacts and the museum was a good starting place.  Kiran asked Sarah a lot of questions and Sarah really wasn't paying attention.  When Kiran asked if Sarah would do the stuff she asked with her, she said sure and Kiran asked a few more times and it bound Sarah into a promise.  They were going to do it the next night.

          Sarah decided to call Conor to see if he could come and hang out and Kiran started shouting things to embarrass Sarah for revenge for the other day with Shames.  Kiran went into her kitchen and she heard talking, and for some reason she had a feeling of who it was.  Looking around, no one was there, but she heard talk about some sort of cake and Kiran has a weak spot for sweets.  There was an odd mixture of waffle batter, cake mix, cookie dough, and a few other things but it was a layered cake.  It was odd but both of the girls liked the mix.  Sarah went back to talking to Conor and Kiran asked Puck why he was here and he said that the promise drew him here.  Kiran told him that his daughter wasn't paying any attention.  They got on to the topic of sleep.  Kiran said she hated it because you couldn't do things while you were asleep and Puck said then you are not doing it right.  When Kiran tried to press for more information it was clear that he had started to leave.  She yelled that he used her cooking supplies and he left a paper that said you ate some though.  Pouting, Kiran ate the last slice of cake.  She did mention to Sarah not to tell Matt that they ate his cookie dough though.

          Kiran stayed up that night working on her board before meeting up with Saul and seeing where she stood as far as Advanced Evocation went and Sarah went to sleep.


Tuesday, September 5th, 3080

          Kiran had been working on her boards and then went out to get breakfast.  Everyone who was normally there was there.  There were rumors about Henrettia going out with another guy in town and if Kiran heard anyone talking about that, she'd glare at them.  There was also a rumor about a grudge match for baseball and that a student was medically evacuated from the school due to an incident with Honor's guards, which one, it wasn't sure.

          Kiran went to the dojo and brought Sarah and started to get her into training so she could protect herself with their instructor being Riki Maru.  After that was done, Kiran went to first period and Sarah went to explore the school a little more.  At some point Sarah saw a familiar looking guy, and texted Kiran and in the changing of the class Kiran ran and got Matt, saying that they needed to find Sarah.  Matt did a small chant and then he ran and Kiran did what she could to keep up.

          Sarah followed the guy who looked familiar and he was a custodian.  He was cleaning offices and at one point Sarah started to get sassy with him.  He said that he didn't like to resort to violence but at one point he took a broom and went to hit her with it.  Shortly after that Sarah left, turned into a cockroach, and then watched him.

          Kiran and Matt finally reached Sarah and they both saw the guy.  Kiran knew that he looked familiar and asked Matt if he was familiar to him and Matt said no.  Kiran went up to the guy lied, saying that she had to write a report on faculty in the school and that she wanted to use him as a reference.  He said that it was fine but told them that they were late to class, Kiran said she had permission to be out of class and Matt said he wanted to make sure she had gotten where she was safe and he headed back to class.

          Kiran followed the man, watching him and asking him questions.  At one point she asked him if his name was Huck and he said no.  She asked more questions then decided to use The Sight on him (her vision).  When Kiran came to the custodian had been walking away and Kiran saw the repeat of the monster near him.  She said that she was okay.  She asked if she could talk to him later because she had been ill a lot recently and she wanted to make a report of it.  He told her that he'd drop off a report to the nurse, even when Kiran tried to persuade him to let her visit him later.  After that, Kiran walked away and when the guy couldn't see her, she leaned against a wall and fell to the floor.  She had been traumatized from the vision.

          Sarah continued to follow him.  He cleaned more offices then went into a janitorial closet and then went into a classroom.  Sarah went to follow him and she was met with a barrier and then a burning sensation, he had put down boric acid.  He sat in a chalk circle and Sarah hid in a corner and watched him.  After a few minutes, he broke the circle and he disappeared and a gust of wind went throughout the room.  Kiran finally joined back up with Sarah, because she didn't want her friend to get into too much trouble alone.  Kiran suggested they go report the information that they knew to the office and they started to run.

          Kiran stopped and asked what was going on and Sarah said they were going to report the information that they had.  Kiran said Sarah was crazy and that she needed to go to class.  Sarah got pissed but Kiran went into second period late.  When Mr. Misomoto asked what happened, Kiran said that Sarah was acting crazy and said that she had seen someone that looked similar to the guy in the library.  Mr. Misomoto nodded and she went back to work.

          Sarah skipped third period trying to look for this guy and Kiran was robotic durning it.  When fourth period came, Kiran had to explain why Sarah was acting crazy to Florance and Florance said that she had something to do for a few minutes and asked what room was her's and Kiran gave directions to Sarah's apartment.  Sarah got a warm sensation, and then Florance went back into the classroom to teach her lesson on law breakers.  

          Kiran went to her boards after class and Sarah called Matt and told him that Kiran was acting weird.  Matt said he'd meet her at the apartment.  Sarah came into the apartment followed by Matt and his pack.  Kiran saw the ice monster next to Charlie and she jumped back.  Kiran asked Matt if everything was okay, and he said no.  He asked her if she remembered them going to find the guy, and Kiran said no.  Charlie looked at her and walked over to the fridge.  Kiran asked what he was doing and he said he was grabbing ice.  Kiran asked him if he was a Windago, and he said yes. 

          Kiran saw Charlie sprinkling crushed ice around the room and she asked what he was doing and he said helping a friend.  Kiran started to back up and Charlie said not to break the circle and she backed up into Bill.  He asked her if she was going to be cooperative or if things needed to get rough.  Kiran got nervous for a moment then Sarah turned into a tiny black kitten, which was another weak spot of Kiran's.  She grabbed Sarah and sat on the couch.  After the ritual, Kiran was able to remember what happened and explained it to the rest of the group.

          After that, Kiran and Sarah went to go to the museum.  Sarah pushed Kiran off the edge of the school and after a few minutes, she caught her and told her it was for calling her crazy earlier.  Kiran told her that she hated and then Sarah asked really, and Kiran shouted no really quick.

          Kiran told Sarah to scout the interior of the museum and Kiran went to the guard station and they exchanged information.  The guard told Kiran that Monarch Security had taken over the case and Kiran knew that was where they were going to go next.  Kiran asked Sarah if she anything and she said that the people had attempted to get the other artifacts but they hadn't successfully get them.  

          The two went to the Monarch Security office and Kiran asked Sarah if she wanted to leave because it was going to be dinner soon.  Sarah said she was good.  Kiran asked Sarah how she was good because she had previously been broke.  Sarah told Kiran that did she expect her not to get food from the museum and from the snack machine.  Kiran asked if she took food from the snack machine at Monarch Security and she said yes.  They looked up at the detective who had come their way and Kiran followed him into the office Sarah was going to touch him as a fly but there was a barrier at his office door.

          Kiran swore on her power to give the information she had for the information he had, so they both exchanged information.  Apparently there were four items that opposed the Red Court's four artifacts.  There was a knife, a goblet, a tray, and a necklace.  The two went back to the school.  Kiran went to Matt for comfort and Sarah went around the school looking for that guy.  She felt a weird feeling but the warmth that has surrounded her faded and she was fine.

          Sarah continued to explore the school and found a door.  There was clanking noises and she followed it to a closed door.  When she opened it she saw Caska praticing his swordfighting.  He told Sarah that she had travelled into a part of the school that most students don't know about.  He told her he had given up telling students not to go to places, mainly because they never headed the advice.  He told her that she had to be really careful because this place would try to kill her.  He told her about a room and so Sarah went to find it.  The room had a hot tub and there was nothing else.  Sarah put her feet into the tub for a while and felt a lot better.  When she went to leave, little creatures tried to kill her but she deat with them easily.

          Caska came in as she was heading out and soaked in the tub.  He told her that this pool had healing tendencies, but when you tried to leave, imps would try to kill you.  Caska offered to show Sarah the exit to this place and she agreed to follow.  When they left Sarah started a dective board for the halls.


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