The basic setting for the portion of the game at Jungle Jake's is in the world of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files around the time of Blood Rites (Book 6).


We are using the The Dresden Files Role Playing Game System. For those that know what it means we are currently around the "Submerged" Power Level (10 Refresh, 44 Skill Points, Skill Cap Superb). 

For those confused by all of that, it means that the game is effectively around in the High Power Level (Approximately level 15-18 if you use Dungeons and Dragons as a frame of reference)

Currently we meet at the Jungle Jakes Hobby Store in Hinesville Ga Wednesday nights around 6-8:30 pm. 

We  currently have a GM and two consistent players with a sporadic 3rd and potential 4th. However we could use another Consistent Player and may be able to support two more consistent players if they work together to develop a story and some connection to each other so that plot does not have to be developed for two individuals.


Anybody interested in playing is welcome to drop by and spectate or message me here with questions. However be advised the location does have a $2 Per Game Table Fee after the first game for any particular individual.

Their is a lot going on in the background of the world but how much is known would depend on the Character Concept.


Their are two main games being played from the base setting of the Metropolis.

Portions of both games draw on influence from Will Wight's Traveler's Gate Trilogy and this is used with the Permission of the Author. Most of the influence is the idea of Valinhall and while currently incomplete, the known information about Valinhall can be found in the Campaign Wiki. The full information about the entire series can be found on the author's page at

The primary game is the one set in the Metropolis some where between 2010 and 2020. The Information above is predominately related to that game, which is the that takes place at Jungle Jake's. The reason for the X in the date is because their is some temporal anomalies related to the city and all that character's from the card shop game can recall about the date is that it is sometime after 2010 but not yet to 2020.

The time line probably disagrees with the time mapped to the part of the Dresden Files series this game's events take place in but I am not concerned about exact mapping to the books.

Their used to be game predominately set at a fictional school for unusual students called Lore Crest Academy. The School moves around but was located on a Flying Island about 30,000 feet above The Metropolis at the time the game began. The Metropolis also moves around but was about an hour away from Phoenix Arizona for The Game Set at Lore Crest. I am not sure if that game will be resumed but I will be keeping the notes and references to that game on the Campaign Pages

Stuff specific to the the game at Lore Crest are marked with the game year, which begins at 3080. However the year is subject to change over the course of the game. This game has a strange relationship with the Dresden Files series. Some of the events up through book 14 have occured but others have not. Although this detail is only really relevant to those that know the books and most of the players in the game are not familiar with them.

Mysteries of the Metropolis

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