Mysteries of the Metropolis

The Reunitement [3080]

Hello Mom and Dad


Sunday, August 20th, 3080

          So Kiran's secret had been revealed to those in the group that had not previously known.  She was dressed in one of Matt's T-shirts, which was like a small dress to her.  Father Alexander checked on her to make sure she was okay, and she was, except for the fact that Kiran couldn't look at Riki Maru without feeling the foreign feeling of fear.  When Kiran finally took account she wasn't wearing her brother's clothes which was like a safety blanket for her, she asked where they were and Father Alexander said they were in the dryer and so she had to wait until they were done.  At that time Sarah left St. Matthew's Church and just started to explore the city.  Kiran checked her phone to see if she had any messages from Shames, it was completely blank and so she questioned if anything had happened to her phone, no one had an answer for her so when her clothes dried she went to her carrier's store, Red Rover, and found out that her power was draining quickly and that she needed to replace the battery.  When she turned it on next, she had a text message from Shames, and she waited for his text back.

          While waiting for Shames to get free Kiran decided to go to the mall and start buying female clothing and other necessities.  She spent a few hours there picking through the things that they had, because if, at any point, she was going to be going back as a girl, she better look the part.  Sarah had found the Fourth Way Station and Sarah started to talk to the hippie mage that had a bong foci.  She started to smoke with him and she went off into space.  When Kiran was done shopping she asked Shames if he wanted to meet up and he said that he would be there shortly.  Kiran checked to see if there was a tattoo and piercing parlor open to try and get some piercings but there was only one in there that said "On the seventh day, he rested."

          Shames pulled up to the mall on a motorcycle and handed Kiran a helmet and she joined him as they rode to Under the Hill.  Upon their enterance, Kiran saw her teacher Florance and so she tried to hide a bit and walked the two of them over to a booth where she could keep an eye on everything.  She tried to pay Shames back for the drinks she didn't pay for to find out that Matt had paid her bill.  Kiran offered to buy the first round.  Then it hit her that she was only eighteen and she wasn't going to be able to order drinks from the bar but Shames told her that Harry didn't care about those kinds of things.  After getting the drinks Kiran unloaded her troubles on to Shames, and was personally surprised that she did, he told her that it was easier to talk to people you didn't know well versus someone you did.

          By the time she had checked her phone, it was eleven and the shuttle bus left at nine.  Kiran asked Shames if he knew any other way to the school and he told her to wait one second and went to Harry.  The two men talked for a moment and they made a call, then Kiran and Shames walked outside and a cab came haulling to a stop after going ninety.  Kiran told Shames goodbye and got in the car.  The cab driver asked for the location and year and within second they were back at the school.  The cab driver asked for his fare but when he looked in his book, there was credit for that ride from about a thousand years ago.  When it clicked she asked the driver if he could go back in time and she said that she would probably need him for another drive and she asked how she could get ahold of him, and he told her if she needed him, she'd find the way.  He tried to usher her out of the car because he had a stop to get to next but as she reached for the door, the seat ejected and she had to pay a fine for that.

          After grabbing her bags she went straight to her room, put away the clothes, and sat and stared at them all night.  When Sarah came to, she had to fly back to school and go to bed.


Monday, August 21st, 3080

          In the early hours of the night, Kiran got dressed as a girl, and she went above and beyond for her first day as a girl, but she constantly checked the mirror to make sure she could do this.  After getting ready she walked to the Headmaster's office and confessed.  She sat down and there was a letter of punishment written out to her and she had to fill out a lot of paperwork, some of which she had taken with her to finish later.  She arrived late at breakfast, and so as people looked at her she chowed down her food and went into first period than lunch.  When she got to third period she was talking to Evan about how people were taking it and then Sarah chimed it that it was her fault for screwing things up than left.  This pissed Kiran off, so she ended her conversation and sat down in her desk and said nothing.

          Sarah started to exit the school during school hours and her pass started to beep at her.  She told them she had a family emergency (even though all she was going to do was try to stake revenge on her adoptive parents) and the card told her that she could go but her priveldge was temporarily suspended until she had proof.  The first thing she did was go to Father Alexander and ask for an excuse for school because she had an emergency with her family.  He said he would and then he asked where her parents were and she told him that he was not sure.  Then he sat and prayed for a moment.  When Father Alexander told Sarah that she was going to go with her, she ran out of the church and headed toward Hill Top.  When she arrived there, so did Father Alexander who was surprised at Sarah's actions.  He asked, "I thought you wanted to see your parents?"  She did, and so he lead her to the Hill Top bar door and said some words and it turned into a portal and when they walked through they ended up at the Urkling's table.  

          The Urkling said we have guests, and so Sarah took that and thanked him for giving her guest status.  She was now under the Urkling's protection.  Sarah and Father Alexander continued on and Father Alexander lead her through a forest and they got to a location that looked like Stone Henge.  Once more Father Alexander prayed and soon thereafter there was a wolfhound that came up and he started to lead the two.  He tried to put some distance between Sarah and the Father because he was carrying the weapon of bane for Fae (iron sword).  At one point Sarah started to ask questions and she wasn't moving so the dog sat up and pushed her down a hill.  Sarah caught herself at the bottom as she went through a door and saw a really handsome man.  The dog, now identified as Oberion, walked through the door with the father and was insulted by Sarah, but then she promised him food if he answered some of his questions and Oberion agreed.

          After getting the questions, Sarah wasn't going to give the dog the food, but something compelled her to do so and a woman said that where she was at, promises were binding.  Sarah asked who she was and Brea identified herself as Sarah's mom.  Then Sarah asked who her father was and Brea said she would be there soon.  Soon after, a male fairy appeared and introduced himself as Puck, the trickster fae.  After a long, and somewhat heated discussion, in which Sarah offended some fae, she and Father Alexander were taken back to their destinated places.

          When Sarah checked her phone, Kiran had texted her and told her, per her promise to Listens to Wind, she needed to make sure she was at school and Sarah went off on her and then told her to contact him if she so wished, she did.  After that, Sarah got a call from Listens to Wind and they had a discussion, which ended with her hanging up on him.


To be continued …



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