Mysteries of the Metropolis

The Weekend Adventure [3080]

Life is Full of Surprises


Saturday, August 19th, 3080

       Initially, Kiran had planned for the Saturday to be dedicated to searching for more details into the mind controller, but the night before Riki Maru challenged her thoughts on her preparedness and her overall ability to fight the entities behind this plot.  So, instead of having Matt, Sarah, Evan, and herself go looking for the library, she offered to the group that they go down to the Metropolis and have some fun.  Matt and Sarah agreed and Sarah went to the office so she could get permission for a large bird form to carry passengers if need be.

           When they got the approval from Evan, Matt, and Kiran met Sarah at the shuttle to and from the Metropolis.  Upon their arrival the group wasn't sure what to do, but Sarah said she had been to a bar previously and it was pretty good and the group decided to go there.  The bar, Hill Top, was busy when they got there.  Apparently they served nationally recognized steak sandwiches and the group decided to eat there.  Kiran, having a weakness for red-heads, started to flirt with Paul but was denied and told that he only dated women, in which she smiled at, but dropped it.

          The group said they would come back later to drink but it was too early to start drinking.  So they decided that they were going to look for an arcade.  After about an hour of looking and asking directions they found Galactic.  The first thing Kiran went for was the crane machine.  Everyone went off and did their own thing.  Kiran was getting frustrated and had to donate to the curse jar a few time, but she couldn't get the toy that she wanted from the crane machine.  Sarah turned into a squirrel and went into the crane machine and got it and handed it to Kiran.  The staff member was heading their way and so Kiran used her old sense of danger to get out of there and started to run.  A wall of fire made it where they couldn't exit and the man said, "running isn't suspicious at all."  And Kiran tried to lie her way out a couple times but ended up failing at all of them.  It came to her attention that the man in front of her was Fix, the Knight of the Summer Court.  Sarah tried to fight Fix in her squirrel form and Kiran passively followed Fix to the back and they were locked in a security room and started to question the two.  Sarah was rebellious the whole time as she blamed Kiran for the mistake while Kiran just covered her face.

          At one point Sarah asked Fix if he wanted to talk to her guardian figure and he said yes, and so she was given a phone and called Listens to Wind.  This time he picked up and then Sarah told him that he had gotten in trouble at Galactic and he sighed.  Listens to Wind talked to Fix for a few minutes and then talked to Sarah again, and then wanted to talk to Kiran.  Kiran was given his number for her to get in contact with.  Sarah was still talking back and not backing down and Kiran asked the Summer Knight not to kill her and when he lead Kiran out of the room, he told he wouldn't.

          Sarah issued a lot of challenges to the Summer Knight and so when he resealed the room he told her to do her worst.  She turned into a T-Rex and went to bite him and he merely flipped her over and then she turned into a bug and he took a breath in and set a wall of fire on the ceiling and was burning out the oxygen of the room, after a few second Sarah returned to her human form and Fix finished his spell as he stuck a iron needle in Sarah's arm so she couldn't use her magic.  After Sarah finally gave up he opened the door and stood so Kiran could hear.  To pay him back for disrespecting him, they would be working in the arcade for a few weeks.  Then the two went back to the arcade and spent some time in there.  Kiran got a lot of tickets for a tea set that she was going to give to Matt and Sarah turned into a cat and went over to Mouse, who happened to be a service animal in the arcade.

          Sarah entertained the kids and when she came over to change into a human, Kiran handed a toy to Sarah so she could give to the kid.  At first she went over there to talk and then confessed that the kitten had been her and asked if she had a favorite animal and thus turned into an otter for Ivy.  When they got to asking, Sarah asked if Ivy knew if Kiran was a boy or not, and she said that it was better to ask the person, and told Mouse to go get her and sent Mouse to bring her over, but Kiran ran out of the arcade before they could.

          Kiran ran aimlessly and ended up falling into a place where misfit teenagers hung out and ended walking into a fireball.  After the guys made sure she was okay, she told them to excuse herself and she went and screamed in a corner and punched the wall.  At one point the wall punched back and people asked if she was okay.  At one point she covered her face and fell to the ground and just cried.  A teen mage hid her by a column of smoke so no one could see her.  When she recovered, Kiran sat next to the mage and talked to him and he gave her some advice before leaving.  Soon after Kiran took her exit.  She knew that the others were going to meet at the Hill Top later so she decided that she would head there early.  As she walked she saw someone following her.  Again, her weakness of a red-head hit her and she talked to the man, Shames, and Kiran said she would challenge him to a drinking contest.  He agreed because "he" looked like he had a rough day.  When they got to the bar, they got their alcohol and took shots.  After the third shot, Kiran passed out.

          Sarah, Matt, and Evan enter the busy bar and Sarah goes to the counter to talk to Shames and Matt goes to check on Kiran.  Sarah asks if she can have some alcohol and Shames says he needs to show him and ID, so Sarah shows him a fake one, he laughs and comments on that, but still gives her some.  Sarah takes some shots, and Kiran wakes up drunk.  Kiran walks over to Shames in a very feminine way, and start to flirt with Shames.  Shames says that they should talk some time and Kiran give him her number and when he wrote it on the card Sarah notices it is a card for the police force so she tries to usher Kiran out of the bar but she doesn't want to go.  Kiran says that Sarah put all of the blame on her for the Summer Knight and Shames gets Kiran's attention with a snap and tells her that they need to meet at Under the Hill to talk about that.

          Then and there Kiran confesses in a drunken stupor that she is in fact a girl and that she was upset that Sarah kept asking for that information because she was just trying to stay in school for her dead brother but Paul sang louder so people couldn't hear her and Sarah and Matt took her back to her room.  Sarah is upset that Kiran didn't tell her before than and leaves.


Sunday, August 20th, 3080

          Kiran wakes up with a hangover and plays tennis with Caska.  On the way out she sees Riki Maru and decides to use The Sight on him.  (Vision)  She ends up waking up at a church surrounded by Matt, Evan, Sarah, Riki, Caska, and Father Alexander.


To be continued…



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